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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Course

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What will you learn?
The Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Course has been created to do away with the taboo and provide open, honest, and frank information regarding the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and management of irritable bowel syndrome.
Unfortunately talking about digestion, and the related functions within our bodies, is often considered taboo, which makes increasing awareness about problems that can occur, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a hard task. Written for those with some, little or no previous knowledge or experience of IBS this course will help students to understand the condition, making it easier to manage your own condition or help other to manage theirs.
Please note, however, that this course is designed to provide information and awareness only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Course starts with an introduction to the course itself; enabling students to prepare themselves for what they will learn and how the course is structured, along with what is expected of them.
We then give larger overview of IBS: putting it in context, defining it and discussing its prevalence. Starting with this more rounded knowledge of the condition, students will then be able to understand the specifics in the correct context later in the course.
As a functional disorder of the large intestine, to understand IBS, we must first have an understanding of the digestive system as a whole. As the main contributor to the symptoms of IBS, the large intestine and how it can malfunction. Here students will learn about how gut motility, the brain-gut connection, and gut flora, influence the functioning of the gut..
As a syndrome, IBS is made up a number of symptoms that vary in nature, intensity, and duration for each individual

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: Special price for Emagister users. Code: NEWLIFE





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Il meglio: No time limit to complete and there was a fast response with marking. It was a great experience overall. Thanks a lot.
Da migliorare: All ok
Corso realizzato: Gennaio 2018
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Il meglio: The course first of all is stimulating and very engaging. The material is easy to access. I made a couple of rookie errors, and when I contacted the staff they went out of their way to explain things and help me get things sorted.
Da migliorare: -
Corso realizzato: Febbraio 2018
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Lady Loy
Il meglio: The subject matter is defined in such away that it enjoyable and easy to get a handle on. When my course was at its conclusion i was really missing the structure and learning forum,
Da migliorare: -
Corso realizzato: Gennaio 2018
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Medical training
Medical training
Medical training


Module 1: Introduction to this course

  • Part 1: What’s in this course
  • Part 2: How to study this course

Module 2: An overview of IBS

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: How prevalent is IBS?
  • Module 2 Assessment

Module 3: Understanding the human digestive system

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: The stomach
  • Part 3: The small intestine
  • Part 4: The rectum
  • Module 3 Assessment

Module 4: The large intestine and IBS

  • Part 1: Influences on the functioning of the large intestine
  • Part 2: Brain-gut connection
  • Module 4 Assessment

Module 5: Symptoms of IBS

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: IBS with constipation
  • Module 5 Assessment

Module 6: The psychological impact of IBS

  • The psychological impact of IBS
  • Module 6 Assessment

Module 7: The IBS clinical pathway in the UK

  • The IBS clinical pathway in the UK
  • Module 7 Assessment

Module 8: Diagnosis of IBS

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: Diagnostic process
  • Step 3 A positive diagnosis of IBS
  • Module 8 Assessment

Module 9: What causes IBS?

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: Is IBS genetic?
  • Module 9 Assessment

Module 10: Managing IBS

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: Diet and dietary therapies
  • Part 3: Dietary supplements
  • Part 4: Physical therapies
  • Part 5: Psychological therapies
  • Part 6: Complementary therapies
  • Module 10 Assessment