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Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
A Moscow (Russia)
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Tipologia Master
Luogo Moscow (Russia)
Durata 2
Inizio Settembre 2019
  • Master
  • Moscow (Russia)
  • Durata:
  • Inizio:
    Settembre 2019

Tuition fees: no tuition fee for the applicants who pass the selection process!

Biotechnology and bioinformatics are among the most vibrant and rapidly evolving areas of modern science. Enroll on Skoltech Life Sciences program and become a sought-after professional capable of cracking challenges in biomedicine, genetics, pharmaceuticals and other fields. You will be accelerating scientific progress, advancing basic research, envisioning forthcoming technologies.

The aim of the program is to train highly qualified researchers both for academia and biotechnology companies. You will learn from the best international experts in priority areas of Biotechnology; master interdisciplinary approuch to breakthrough scientific projects and acquire hands-on experience in biotech business.

The Biotechnology program includes courses and seminars on gene engineering, molecular biology, pharmacology, bioinformatics, neurosciences and a range of additional subjects that students can elect as options.

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General submission deadlines:
1) February 3, 2019
2) March 17, 2019
3) April 21, 2019
4) June 05, 2019
5) July 16, 2019

Informazioni importanti
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- Gain advanced knowledge in the emerging arears in molecular biology, gene engineering, pharmacology, bioinformatics, and neuroscience;
- Develop hard and soft skills indispensable in a future career;
- Master cutting edge methods, technologies and learn how to implement them in future research;
- Apply a multidisciplinary approach drawing from mathematics, statistics, probability theory and other disciplines to address the pressing issues of biotechnology;
- Get hands-on experience in designing and carrying out experiments as well as analyzing and interpreting results;
- Gain multinational research experience working with diverse teams and labs worldwide (MIT, Washington University, Tel Aviv University, University of Santiago, etc.);
- Choose from a multitude of fields and career paths ranging from research labs to multinational biomedical companies.

Requisiti: - Education: Relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent in Biology, Chemistry, Agro, IT, Physics, Medicine, Mathematics. - English Language: If your education has not been conducted in English, you will be expected to demonstrate evidence of an adequate level of English proficiency.

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Inizio Luogo
Nobelya Ulitsa 3 Moscow, Russia 121205, 121205, Moscow and Moscow Region, Russia
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Inizio Set-2019
Nobelya Ulitsa 3 Moscow, Russia 121205, 121205, Moscow and Moscow Region, Russia
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Molecular Biology
Plant Biology
Biotechnology Engineering
Biological Chemistry
Drug Discovery
Biology Science
Cellular Biology
Life Sciences
Mathematical Modeling
Instrumental Analysis
Transgenic Models
Comparative Genomics
RNA Biology


The 2-year program comprises of compulsory and recommended elective courses on the most important topics, a wide set of elective courses (depending on the research and professional needs of the student), components of entrepreneurship and innovation, research activity and 8 weeks of industry immersion.

Compulsory and Recommended elective courses (36 credits)
  • Compulsory Courses:
  • Molecular Biology 
  • Molecular Biology Seminar 
  • Basic Molecular Biology Techniques 
  • Bioinformatics

Recommended Electives:
  • Introduction to "Life Sciences" program 
  • Introduction to Plant Biology 
  • Mathematical Modeling in Biology 
  • Immunology 
  • Evolutionary, Population and Medical Genomics 
  • Biostatistics
  • Instrumental Analysis in Molecular Biology 
  • Cell Biology Lab Course 
  • Bioinformatics Lab 
  • Imaging in Biology
  • Transgenic Models for Drug Discovery
  • Comparative Genomics
  • RNA Biology
  • Biomedical Mass Spectrometry
  • Advanced Bioinformatics Lab
  • Cancer Biology
  • Cardiovascular integrative physiology
  • Topics in Neurobiology Seminar

Elective Courses (24 credits)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation (12 credits)
  • Innovation Workshop
  • Ideas to Impact
  • Business Communication
  • Thinking Disruptive for a Big Future
  • Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Intellectual Property and Technological Innovation
  • New Product Design: from Idea to Market Launch
  • Management of Research & Development
  • Technology Entrepreneurship

Research and MSс thesis project (36 credits)
Industrial Immersion (12 credits)