Make Profitable Mobile Games with Unity 5

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The release of Unity 5 means that building mobile games has never been easier! You will learn it all in this project based course that will teach you everything you need to know about making your own mobile games and how to earn money from them.You will build a real world game that you can publish. You will learn game design concepts and how to solve complicated problems, how to save your data, implement social media in your game, create in app purchases to sell virtual items to your users and earn serious money!If you ever had an idea for an amazing game, or were simply blown away by the success of others, then find out how easy it is today with this course and begin your mobile game development career.

Informazioni importanti
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Program and solve complicated problems with C#
Organise your project and animate your sprites
Create levels and a character lock/unlock system
In app purchases to sell virtual items
Publish your game on Google Play
24/7 support available from your tutor


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Introduction and C# Basics
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1 & 2 Game Preview and Course Intro
3 Downloading Unity And Taking A Look At Its Interface
4 Variables
5 Writing Expressions with variables and Declaring Functions
6 Conditionals, Comparison operators, and Loops
7 Classes and Objects
8 Arrays
9 Coroutines and Delegates
10 Moving The Player Using Transform
All the Assets for this course can be found in this ZIP file

Importing and Organising Our Project
11 Importing Assets In Our Project
12 Slicing Our Sprites
13 Creating Player And Brick Animations
14 Prefabs, Colliders And Rigidbodies
15 Balls, Bricks, Tags, Layers And Sorting Layers
16 Creating Arrow And BG Brick Prefabs

Gameplay Logic
17 Rigidbodies, Colliders And Scripting Player Movement
18 Bouncing Balls
19 Moving Arrows
20 Ready, Aim , Fire The Arrow
Splitting the Balls
21 BallScript Continued
22 Player Shoot Once And Player Shoot Twice
23 ArrowScript Continued
24 BrickScript

Creating Menus
25 Unity UI Intro
26 Designing Our Main Menu
27 ShopMenu, LevelMenu And PlayerMenu

Game Controllers
28 GameController Part 1
29 GameController Part 2
30 MainMenuController
31 MusicController
32 PlayerMenuController Part 1
33 PlayerMenuController Part 2
34 ShopMenuController
35 LevelController And Loading Screen
36 Gameplay UI
37 GameplayController Part 1
38 GameplayController Part 2
39 GameplayController Part 3
40 GameplayController Part 4

Gameplay Logic Continued
47 Downloading 3RD Party Plugins
48 Importing 3rd Party Plugins In Our Project
49 Preparing Purchase Items
50 SocialMediaController Part 1
51SocialMediaController Part 2
52 Testing Our Game On A Real Device
53 Sharing On Facebook From Our Game
54 LeaderboardsController
55 AdsController
56 Testing Our Game on Mobile Devices

Tips and Tricks
57 Publishing Tips
58 Ads Tips
59 Performance And Physics Tips
60 Sprite Tips