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Masking Images in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

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Emagister presents Masking Images in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign!

This course explains in detail everything you need to know about masking techniques in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, a skill that is essential for most creative professionals! Start with the basic concept of how masking works and then continue to learn advanced and even creative ways to use masking in your work of art.

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Informazioni importanti
Quali sono gli obiettivi della formazione?

Sound knowledge of all the masking techniques needed for designers.

Learn the difference between Pixel and Vector masking and the advantages of each.

Discover the more creative ways you can use masking.

Learn how to Retouch images with the help of masking.

Learn to make perfect selections of tricky subjects like hair.

The ability to approach Masking the same way a creative professional would in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

È la formazione giusta per me?

-Anyone who wants a rock-solid understanding of Adobe Photoshop CC.

-Those who want to start a career in the creative industry.

-Those who are already professionals but want to better their knowledge of this advanced & tricky subject.

-People looking to take the next step in their creative career.

-Aspiring Retouchers, Photographers, Video Editors, Graphic Designers.

Requisiti: PC/Mac computer which can comfortably run Adobe Applications. Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is required (or the 30-day free trial version). Knowledge of Photoshop is useful but not necessary.

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Opacity Mask
Clipping mask
Masking hair
Masking with gradients
Retouching with masking
Masking adjustments
Black hides
White shows
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The course will start by providing you with some useful resources for creative professionals, like design terms to ensure you are familiar with, useful websites to bookmark and a way to get to grips with keyboard shortcuts. Which can half your working time! 
Then we will start by mastering the basic concepts and technique behind masking, how to hide/show details and basic workflows.
Then we will move into the biggest chapter of the course and learn about the many different ways you can set up and make use of masks in Photoshop. Here learn about, making adjustments, creative masking, masking with gradients, masking with objects, using clipping masks and loads more. 
Next you will learn about how to set up and make use of masks in Illustrator. The main focus of this chapter will be on clipping and opacity masks. 
Finally discover how you can setup and use masks in InDesign, something not a lot of people are aware of! This can be achieved with image frames, clipping effects within a frame and using feathering effects.