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At the end of this course you will be able to:
Record and edit a Macro
Assign macros to keyboard shortcuts, Quick Access Toolbar, Buttons and Shape objects.
Use the Visual Basic Editor; change the properties of an object; add a module to a project; write the code for a procedure and then run it; and use the Object Browser to search procedures
Manipulate data by declaring variables of different data types; combine data by using expressions; use functions to accept input and display output; and declare variables and procedures with the appropriate scope
Use decision structures to create procedures that make decisions; and use loop structures to perform repetitive tasks
Create an error handling routine in case things go wrong with VBA code

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This course is designed to give proficiency in the Visual Basic Editor (VBE), predominantly making use of Excel objects, understanding Object's Properties, Events and Methods, basic VBA Object oriented programming, event handling, control structures, and debugging tools.

Requisiti: Preferably, delegates should have attended the Excel Advanced course.

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70 Clifton Street, EC2A 4HB , London, England
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Inizio Scegli data
70 Clifton Street, EC2A 4HB , London, England
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Ellie Preston
Sul corso: I'm looking forward to do my next course here!
Corso realizzato: Ottobre 2019
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Paul Askham
Sul corso: The teacher kept the session moving, it was fun and easy to understand!
Corso realizzato: Ottobre 2019
Consiglieresti questo centro?:
Tracy Preston
Sul corso: Great course and excellent trainer.
Corso realizzato: Ottobre 2019
Consiglieresti questo centro?:
Perdinand Reagan
Sul corso: My learning experience was great
Corso realizzato: Ottobre 2019
Consiglieresti questo centro?:
Amanda Morris
Sul corso: This is the best course ever! Pedro was my teacher and I enjoyed his classes, they were designed according to the audience skills.He is very encouraging and gives delegates the best learning environment. I would not hesitate to recommend Pedro as a trainer, whatever your level of ability.
Corso realizzato: Ottobre 2019
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Visual Basic training
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Visual Basic
Microsoft excel training
MS Excel
Visual Basic
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Text Functions
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Quick Analysis
Calculated columns
Converting Tables


Introduction to Macros and VBA

  • Introducing Visual Basic for Applications
  • Recording a Macro
  • Naming conventions for Macro Procedures
  • Running a Macro
  • Absolute or Relative Cell Referencing
  • Saving and Opening Files with Macros
  • Making macros always available
  • Adding Macros to Keyboard Shortcuts, Quick Access Toolbar, Buttons and Shapes
  • Editing a Macro in the Visual Basic Editor
  • Understanding the Development Environment
  • Customising the Editor
  • Tips for General Typing in VBA
  • Using Visual Basic Help

Working with Procedures

  • Program Design
  • Understanding Modules
  • Naming Rules
  • Creating a Module
  • Understanding Procedures
  • Programming Macro Concepts
  • Creating a Subroutine
  • Creating a Function
  • Understanding Arguments
  • Exiting Procedures
  • Calling Procedures

Objects, Properties, Methods and Events

  • Understanding Objects Properties, Methods, and Events
  • Navigating the Object Hierarchy
  • Understanding Collections
  • Accessing a Member of a Collection
  • Understanding Hierarchy
  • Using the Object Browser
  • Using the With Statement
  • Working with Properties
  • Working with Methods
  • Creating an Event Procedure
  • Reserved Macro Names

Using Expressions, Variables and Intrinsic Functions

  • Understanding Expressions and Statements
  • Declaring Variables
  • Understanding Data Types
  • Determining the Value of Variables
  • Working with Variable Scope
  • Using Built-in VBA Functions
  • Understanding Constants
  • Using Message Boxes
  • Controlling the Answer to a Message Box
  • Using Input Boxes
  • Declaring and Using Object Variables

Controlling Program Execution

  • Understanding Control-of-Flow Structures
  • Using the If...End If Decision Structures
  • Nested If Statements
  • Using the Select Case ... End Select Structure
  • Using the Do ... Loop Structure
  • Using the For ... Next Structure
  • Using the For Each ... Next Structure
  • Guidelines for Use of Control-of-Flow Structures

Debugging and Handling Errors

  • Understanding Errors
  • Using Debugging Tools
  • Setting Breakpoints and Using Break Mode
  • Stepping Through Code
  • Trapping Errors with the On Error Statement
  • Understanding the Err Object
  • Working with Inline Error Handling
  • Writing an Error-Handling Routine

Working with Forms and Controls

  • Understanding UserForms
  • Creating a Form
  • Displaying and Removing a Form
  • Aligning and Sizing Controls
  • Using the Toolbox
  • Working with a Form's Properties, Methods, and Events
  • Working with Form and Control Properties, Methods and Event
  • Setting the Tab Order
  • Populating a Control

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£400 per day for one-to-one training £550 per day for groups of up to 8 people Course tailoring at no extra cost. Discounts for Nonprofits/Charities and Governmental Organizations