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This minute taking in meetings training course helps you to learn to take and write professional meeting minutes and to do so more easily and accurately. The minute taking in meetings training course is suitable for any type of meeting that you take minutes in.

Attending this course enables you to provide your organisation with a set of professional minutes each and every time. To ensure that you are ready to take minutes the course uses a combination of both theory and practical activities allowing you to practice taking minutes before you return to work.

The minute taking course can be adapted to suit your level of experience with taking minutes, but on the whole, it is suitable for anyone involved in meeting minutes.

Overall the aim of the training course is to enable you to write meeting minutes professionally, reduce the amount of wording required, save time and effort to produce effective minutes and to enhance the level of meeting communication for the organisation, the chair and meeting members.

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During the minute taking in meetings training you learn how to:

Work with the chair
Minutes preparation
Formatting the agenda and the meeting minutes
Taking good (but not copious) minute notes
Writing clear meeting minutes





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Lindsey C
Il meglio: I attended the Minute Taking In Meetings - Public Course. I truly enjoyed the course and I found to be very useful. I found the materials very interesting and learnt some invaluble skills to help me in my newly promoted position within my organisation. This is a very good course and so it deserves a high rating: I give it 5 stars! Would highly recommend Taylor Mason Training. Thanks for the wonderful training course.
Da migliorare: Nothing.
Corso realizzato: Aprile 2017
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Gail Pardoe
Il meglio: Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course. I found it really useful and it also reassured me that I wasn’t doing too bad after all!! It was not at all intimidating and it was good to meet with other like minded people.
Da migliorare: Nothing of note.
Corso realizzato: Novembre 2016
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Minute Taking
Listening Skills
Meeting Minute
Writing Skills
Minute Taking
Minute Taking


During the course you cover:

Taking meeting minutes – writing minutes – minute taking   

  • Purpose of meetings
  • Purpose and styles of minutes
  • Determining how much detail is needed
  • Formats and content of the agenda
  • Formats and content of the meeting minutes
  • How to prepare well for minute taking
  • Who is responsible for what?
  • Working with the chair – getting his/her help with your minute taking
  • Listening skills
  • Improving note taking
  • Turning notes into meeting minutes
  • Editing summary and action plans

Minute Taking – The Agenda

  • The purpose content and structure of the meeting’s agenda
  • What the items mean
  • Writing the agenda as a control tool for the chair
  • Adequate and inadequate agendas

Minute Taking – Format of Meeting Minutes

  • What goes where?
  • Making the minutes useful but easy to read
  • Terminology such as in attendance, apologies, matters arising, committee business, any other business, etc
  • Coping with items like part-time attendance, in-hand, completed, etc
  • Conventions

Minute Taking – Responsibilities and Preparation

  • You and the chair – Who does what?
  • Before, during and after the meeting
  • Good preparation
  • Building a working partnership

Minute Taking – Listening and Note Taking:

  • Barriers to good listening
  • What gets in the way?
  • Overcoming the barriers
  • Tips for improving listening when taking minutes
  • Workable ideas for improving note taking
  • Keeping up
  • What to do when you get lost
  • Using the 80:20 rule

Minute Taking – From Notes to Meeting Minutes

  • A professional writer’s technique to make writing minutes easier and better
  • Writing the draft minutes – just one draft!
  • Editing the draft minutes into the final version