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      Numerology Diploma Course

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      What will you learn?
      The Numerology Diploma Course has been designed with the beginner in mind, covering everything from what Numerology is, to how to apply the study to benefit your own life and the lives of others.
      Numerology is the study of the meanings of numbers and their relevance to our lives. It is used to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and to identify how you deal with relationships. It can show your strengths and weaknesses, obstacles you need to overcome, your talents, inner needs and emotional reactions. Some numerologists use numbers to determine the best time for major events.
      This thought-provoking course will take you step-by-step through this study, so that by the end of the course you will understand how certain numbers will relate to you, what they mean, and how this information can be used in your life. This includes the meaning of your birthday number, how to calculate your destiny, personality, soul and personal growth numbers and how you can help others to do the same.

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      Sul corso: The course was good and it provide clear information and quick return of assignments was something I appreciate.
      Corso realizzato: Marzo 2019
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      Il meglio: The course content was in-depth and the assignments were challenging but clear. Support was always available from staff who are supportive and understanding. It was a good experience overall.
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      Corso realizzato: Gennaio 2018
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      Miss M Black
      Il meglio: I am almost near completion of the Crystal Healing for Animals Diploma course and am thoroughly enjoying the ease of studying this amazing topic thanks to the information. Again, I have the information and easy assessment completion to thank for my high marks to date.
      Da migliorare: All ok
      Corso realizzato: Giugno 2018
      Consiglieresti questo centro?:
      Jennifer K
      Il meglio: Kate helped me set up my chosen courses. They were available straight away. The free course "how to be a super learner" was a very good introduction to how the system works and an excellent tool to enhance your outcomes of study.
      Da migliorare: -
      Corso realizzato: Gennaio 2018
      Consiglieresti questo centro?:
      kev ward
      Il meglio: Great courses, very affordable prices, excellent customer service and such a great way to gain qualifications in and around your own lifestyle.
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      Corso realizzato: Giugno 2018
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      Module 1 - What is Numerology?

      • Part 1: What is Numerology?
      • Part 2: The Three Main Forms of Numerology
      • Module 1 Assessment

      Module 2 - The Meanings of the Individual Numbers

      • The Meanings of the Individual Numbers
      • Module 2 Assessment

      Module 3 - The Three Master Numbers and their Meanings

      • Part 1: The Three Master Numbers and their Meanings
      • Part 2: Numerology Calculation: Core Numbers
      • Module 3 Assessment

      Module 4 - Destiny Number

      • Part 1: Destiny Number
      • Part 2: The Meanings of the Destiny Numbers
      • Module 4 Assessment

      Module 5 - Soul Number

      • Part 1: Soul Number
      • Part 2: The Meanings of the Soul Numbers
      • Module 5 Assessment

      Module 6 - Personality Number

      • Part 1: Personality Number
      • Part 2: The Meanings of the Personality Numbers
      • Module 6 Assessment

      Module 7 - Birthday Number

      • Part 1: The Meanings of the Birthday Numbers
      • Part 2: Combining the Core Elements
      • Module 7 Assessment

      Module 8 - Other Numbers

      • Part 1: Other Numbers
      • Part 2: Habit Challenge
      • Module 8 Assessment

      Module 9 - Maturity Number

      • Part 1: Maturity Number
      • Part 2: Karmic Number
      • Module 9 Assessment

      Module 10 - Cycles

      • Part 1: Cycles
      • Part 2: The Meanings of Your Personal Year Number
      • Module 10 Assessment

      Module 11 - Life Path Period

      • Part 1: Life Path Period
      • Part 2: The Meanings of Your Life Path Period
      • Module 11 Assessment

      Module 12 - Pinnacles

      • Part 1: Pinnacles
      • Part 2: The Meanings of Your Pinnacles
      • Module 12 Assessment

      Module 13 - Challenge Numbers

      • Part 1: Challenge Numbers
      • Part 2: The Meanings of Your Challenge Numbers
      • Module 13 Assessment

      Module 14 - Essences and How to Become a Professional Numerologist

      • Part 1: Essences
      • Part 2: The Meanings of Your Essence Numbers
      • Part 3: Becoming a Professional Numerologist
      • Part 4: Working Methods
      • Part 5: Template Structure and Payment
      • Module 14 Assessment