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Organic Skincare Business Diploma Course

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Centre of Excellence
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Tipologia Corso
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Ore di lezione 150h
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Campus online
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  • Corso
  • Online
  • 150h
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  • Campus online
  • Invio di materiale didattico
  • Servizio di consultazione
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Emagister.co.uk has added to its list catalogue this special offer course on skincare. You will learn everything you need to know about organic skincare business and how to protect a patient's skin from the dangers of UV rays. However, skincare products are often harmful to our bodies and environment, which is why more and more people are using organic skincare products. If you wish to learn about this industry, it is the best timing, as organic skincare is being endorsed by dermathologists and the differences between organic and chemical skincare are becoming more evident, due to the worry regarding the environment. You need to show credibility in order to sell a product, and therefore this industry is a good starting point for a seller because of dermatologist's endorsement and support.

For more information contact Centre of Excellence through Emagister.co.uk, where opportunities become big business ideas!

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The Organic Skincare Business Diploma Course is aimed at those who wish to make and sell their own organic skincare products. Perfect for complete novices, the course walks you through the skincare industry, teaches you about skin types, and how to create formulas for various purposes. It also provides guidance on the legalities of establishing your business, how to deal with retailers, and how to promote and market your business.

The course is just as relevant if you are already in the business of selling beauty or other handmade products, as you can add extra products to your offering. Likewise, if you are in the health and beauty and relaxation industries you may like to offer organic skincare products as a complementary offering to your current services.

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Il meglio: learned a great deal and will definitely be using this knowledge in setting up my own business. I would recommend The Centre of Excellence whole heartedly to all.
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Corso realizzato: Febbraio 2018
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Emi Boboe
Il meglio: Great support system and you can never feel like you are on your own. Katie and her team are always very helpful.
Da migliorare: All ok
Corso realizzato: Marzo 2018
Consiglieresti questo centro?:
Amy Goggs
Il meglio: This is such an amazing opportunity for anyone who is looking for a unique, comfortable learning experience.
Da migliorare: Nothing to change
Corso realizzato: Febbraio 2018
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Cosa impari in questo corso?

Skin Care
Customer Care
Environmental Health
Environmental Sustainability
Organic Production
Organic Chemistry
Corporate Social Responsibility
Skin treatments
Cosmetic Dermatology
Project Management
Developmental Economics
Customer relationship
Customer relationship


Module 1: Background On Organic Skincare

  • Part 1: What Does Organic Mean?
  • Part 2: Brief History of Organic Skincare
  • Part 3: Organic Skincare Versus Chemical Skincare
  • Part 4: Important Facts About Organic Skincare
  • Part 5: Summary
  • Module 1 Assessment

Module 2: The Global Market for Organic Skincare

  • Part 1: The Organic Skincare Boom
  • Part 2: User Demographics
  • Part 3: Summary
  • Module 2 Assessment

Module 3: Why the Organic Skincare Business?

  • Part 1: Now Is the Right Time
  • Part 2: How Have Existing Organic Businesses Benefitted?
  • Part 3: Why Should You Start An Organic Skincare Business?
  • Part 4: What Kinds of Organic Skincare Products Can Be Created?
  • Part 5: Summary
  • Module 3 Assessment

Module 4: Getting Started

  • Part 1: Know the Science
  • Part 2: Study the Science of Organic Skincare
  • Part 3: Effect of Toxins On Skin Health
  • Part 4: Putting Together a Natural Skincare Formulation
  • Part 5: All About Ingredients
  • Part 6: Recipes for Organic Skincare Products
  • Part 7: Video: Body Butter Recipe
  • Part 8: Video: Face Cream – Adding Essential Oils
  • Part 9: Video: Creating Bath Salts
  • Module 4 Assessment

Module 5: Research and Development

  • Part 1: Introduction to Research and Development
  • Part 2: What You Need to Know
  • Part 3: Therapeutic Properties of Organic Skincare Products
  • Part 4: Embrace Research
  • Part 5: The Importance of Goals
  • Part 6: SMART – The Goal Setting Method
  • Part 7: Go Step-By-Step
  • Part 8: The Workplace
  • Part 9: Summary
  • Module 5 Assessment

Module 6: How to Set Up a Business for Success

  • Part 1: How to Set Up a Business for Success
  • Part 2: Customer Relationship
  • Part 3: Case Studies
  • Part 4: Exercise
  • Part 5: Think About Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Part 6: Summary
  • Module 6 Assessment

Module 7: What to Expect on the Road to Success

  • Part 1: The Road Will Have Obstacles
  • Part 2: Habits of Successful Organic Skincare Business People
  • Part 3: Summary
  • Module 7 Assessment