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Employers worldwide are searching for professionals with validated skills. With a CAPM certification in hand, you'll certainly stand out from the crowd. With a PMI certification behind your name, you can work in virtually any industry, anywhere in the world, and with any project management methodology.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)¨ is a valuable entry-level certification for project practitioners. Designed for those with little or no project experience, the CAPM¨ demonstrates your understanding of the fundamental knowledge, terminology and processes of effective project management.

Whether you are new to project management, or already serving as a subject matter expert on project teams, the CAPM can get your career on the right path or take it to the next level.

This course has been designed to help you pass the CAPM certification exam. Once certified, you'll be qualified for jobs such as Project Administrator and PMO Co-ordinator, earning an average salary of about £32,500.00 per year.

The great thing about our PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Course is that you are in charge of your start and finish date, with no deadline pressures!

We train our students to the very best standards, offering expert instructor-led training via our state of the art eLearning platform.

By achieving the PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification, you will create more career opportunities and be better positioned when applying for work.

Enrol today and prepare for a future you deserve.WHY STUDY WITH MY TRAINING ACADEMY?
Flexible training- study anytime, anywhere and from any device.
Expert Instructor-Led TrainingÐ our courses are delivered by the finest instructors with a minimum of 15 years real-world experience and are subject matter experts in their field, which is why we have a 97.4% pass rate.
Visual Demonstrations & Multimedia PresentationsÐ allows...

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MOD_01 Overview
1.1 Overview-Part1
1.2 Overview-Part2
1.3 Overview-Part3
1.4 IntroductionMOD_02 Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle
2.1 Organizational Structures and Process-Part1
2.2 Organizational Structures and Process-Part2MOD_03 Project Management Process
3.1Project Management Process-Part1
3.2 Project Management Process-Part2
3.3 Project Management Process QuestionsMOD_04 Project Integration Management
4.1 Project Integration Management-Part1
4.2 Project Integration Management-Part2
4.3 Project Integration Management-Part3
4.4 Project Integration Management QuestionsMOD_05 Project Scope Management
5.1 ProjectScopeManagement
5.2 Define Scope
5.3 Create WBS
5.4 Validate Scope
5.5 Project Scope Management QuestionsMOD_06 Project Time Management
6.1 Project Time Management-Part1
6.2 Project Time Management-Part2
6.3 Project Time Management-Part3
6.4 Project Time Management-Part4
6.5 Project Time Management-Part5
6.6 Develop Schedule-Part1
6.7 Develop Schedule-Part2
6.8 Develop Schedule-Part3
6.9 Develop Schedule-Part4
6.10 Develop Schedule-Part5
6.11 Develop Schedule QuestionsMOD_07 Project Cost Management
7.1 Project Cost Management-Part1
7.2 Project Cost Management-Part2
7.3 Project Cost Management-Part3
7.4 Project Cos tManagement-Part4
7.5 Project Cost Management-Part5
7.6 Project Cost Management QuestionsMOD_08 Project Quality Management
8.1 Project Quality Management-Part1
8.2 Project Quality Management-Part2
8.3 Project Quality Management-Part3
8.4 Project Quality Management-Part4
8.5 Project Quality Management QuestionsMOD_09 Project Human Resource Management
9.1 Project Human Resource Management-Part1
9.2 Project Human Resource Management-Part2
9.3 Project Human Resource Management-Part3
9.4 Project Human Resource Management QuestionsMOD_10 Project Communications Management
10.1 Project Communications Management-Part1
10.2 Project Communications Management-Part2
10.3 Project Communications Management QuestionsMOD_11 Project Risk Management
11.1 Project Risk Management-Part1
11.2 Project Risk Management-Part2
11.3 Project Risk Management-Part3
11.4 Project Risk Management-Part4
11.5 Project Risk Management-Part5
11.6 Project Risk Management-Part6
11.7 Project Risk Management-Part7
11.8 Project Risk Management QuestionsMOD_12 Project Procurement Management
12.1 Project Procurement Management-Part1
12.2 Project Procurement Management-Part2
12.3 Project Procurement Management-Part3
12.4 Project Procurement Management-Part4
12.5 Project Procurement Management-Part5
12.6 Project Procurement Management QuestionsMOD_13 Project Stakeholder Management
13.1 Project Stakeholder Management-Part1
13.2 Project Stakeholder Management-Part2
13.3 Project Stakeholder Management QuestionsMOD_14 Professional Responsibility
14.1 Professional ResponsibilityMOD_15 Preparing for Exam
15.1 Preparing for Exam
15.2 OutroMULTI-USER TRAINING PACKAGESThis online course can be integrated in your professional training plan. M.T.A. can provide you with a tailored learning solution, that can be customised to meet each team member's requirements. Choosing a multi-user training package, you can get significant discounts for 5+ users and even further discounts for 10+ users Ð and an excellent return on your investment.