Primary School Teaching: Ensuring Excellence in Writing

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This primary school teaching course will help improve teaching of writing using straightforward techniques that will impact directly on the results of your students. Understand what motivates children to write and inspire your students to create great pieces of work.Jane Considine has worked in schools for 20 years with a specific focus on improving the way that teachers teach children to write. Jane has constructed this course so that you can use the teaching ideas and resources straight away when teaching children to write.Enrol on this course and notice immediate improvements in the grades that your students are achieving in writing,. Provide a supportive structure to enable pupils to map out their writing and capture the process visually and strengthen your knowledge of vocabulary, sentence structure and grammatical techniques to ensure higher attainment from your pupils.​

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77 lectures containing 2 hours of video content, plus numerous downloadable PDF files
Learn teaching techniques to transform your pupil's writing
Inspire and motivate your student's to create great piece's of writing
Develop your ability to re-shape how you teach writing across Key Stage 1 & 2 (ages 5 to 11) so that it is practical, hands-on approach
This course is ideal for primary school teachers and parents wanting to develop teaching techniques for writing

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Primary School


The 3 Zones of Writing
The 3 zones of writing
Say hi to your fellow students!
Share your new course with your friends!
Handout - The 3 zones of Writing

The Idea of Writing
Handout - The FANTASTIC writing system
Idea of Writing - FANTASTIC
Handout - Reflecting on the FANSTASTIC system
Handout - A Photograph Writing System
Idea of Writing - A Photograph
Handout - A Photograh - Teacher Analysis

Choices In Writing
Handout - Choices in writing - Shade of Meaning
Choices in writing - Shade of Meaning
Choices in writing - Realistic Grid
Handout - Teacher Analysis

Grammar Toolbox
Grammar toolbox
Handout - Grammar Toolbox

Grammar Rainbow - Explaining 'A'
Handout - Grammar Rainbow Explaining 'A' - Adverbs/Adverbial Phrases
The moving parts of a sentence (A): Adverbs/Adverbial Phrases

Grammar Rainbow – Explaining 'B'
Handout - Explaining 'B' - Basics/Nouns
The moving parts of a sentence (B): Basics/Nouns
Handout - Explaining 'B' - Basics/Verbs
The moving parts of a sentence (B): Basics/Verbs
The moving parts of a sentence (B): Basics/Adjectives
The moving parts of a sentence (B): Basics/Propostions
The moving parts of a sentence (B): Basics/Articles
The moving parts of a sentence (B): Basic/Phrases

Grammar Rainbow – Explaining 'C'
Handout - Explaining 'C' - Complex Sentences
The moving parts of a sentence (C): Complex Sentences

Grammar Rainbow – Explaining 'D'
Handout - Explaining 'D' - Dialogue and Contracted Forms
Explaining 'D': Dialogue and Contracted Forms

Structure and Style
Handout - Purpose
Structure and style - Purpose
Handout - Paragraphs
Structure and style - Paragraphs
Handout - Passive or Active Voice
Structure and style- Passive or active voice
Handout - Past and present tense
Structure and style- Past and present tense
Structure and style - Punctuation
Handout - Punctuation

The techniques of Writing Part 1
Handout - Boomtastics
Handout - Onomatopoeia
Techniques of writing - Boomtastic & Onomatopoeia
Handout - Alliteration
Techniques of writing - Alliteration
Handout - Rhyme
Techniques of writing - Rhyme
Handout - Repetition
Techniques of writing - Repetition

The techniques of Writing Part 2
Handout - Similie
Techniques of writing - Simile
Handout - Metaphor
Techniques of writing- Metaphor
Handout - Pathetic Fallacy
Techniques of writing- Pathetic Fallacy
Handout - Pun
Techniques of writing - Pun
Handout - Personification
Techniques of writing - Personification
Handout - Symbolism
Techniques of writing - Symbolism

Avoiding Common Mistakes & Assessing Writing
Handout - Avoiding Common Mistakes
Avoiding common mistakes
Handout - Assessing Writing
Assessing writing Part 1
Handout - Writing Progress Plans
Assessing Writing Part 2

Success - 'SPACE'
Handout - Successes Intro
Handout - Sentence Stacking
'S' Sentence stacking
Handout - Powerful reading
'P' Powerful reading
Handout - Acting
'A' Acting
Handout - Chunking
'C' Chunking
Handout - Environment
'E' Environment