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Uniquely positioned to meet the evolving needs of tomorrow's health care professionals, University of Milano-Bicocca’s School of Medicine and Surgery (SMS) is a Master degree program in partnership with University of Surrey (UK), University of Bergamo and the Papa Giovanni XXIIIHospitalthat endeavors to prepare graduating physicians forleadership positions in the health care sector.

Based in Bergamo, the program has a revolutionary new medical curriculum integrating a rigorous program of basic science education with intensive clinical mentoring right from second year onwards. The program offers a multidisciplinary and inter-professional educational experience fostering an integration of knowledge and skills, open-mindedness, scientific and critical thinking, caring attitude, and a holistic approach to health care needs.

The teaching methodology is based on PBL (Problem Based Learning) that facilitates knowledge acquisition, enhanced group collaboration and team learning across seven major physio-pathological integrated systems: • Cardiovascular and Respiratory System • Onco-Hematology • Locomotor System • Digestive Health • Endrocrine Kidney & Urinary Tract • Neuroscience • Woman and Child (Obstetrics Gynecology, Pediatrics).

Informazioni importanti
Quali sono gli obiettivi della formazione?

The program integrates basic medical sciences and clinical sciences with professional skills and competencies throughout the program. A vast array of speciality training pathways are available after obtaining a master degree qualification in medicine. The course enables students to expand their understanding of health in a global context, develop inter-cultural consciousness and get prepared to leverage their skills in global health in both clinical practice and research.

Qual è il processo di iscrizione?

All students need to take the IMAT – International Medical Admissions Test; updates concerning the same need to be checked on the website as well as the Call for Application. Admission procedures vary according to the student’s nationality and place of residence. For complete clarity concerning different pocedures, we invite those interested to consult our website. Since the procedure may take several weeks/months of processing, we highly recommend you to get in touch with the competent offices as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE: The number of seats available are limited, therefore we request you to apply as soon as possible.

Requisiti: Min. high school diploma equivalent to at least 12 years of education. English Certification: Certificate of proficiency in English corresponding to min. B2 level, issued by recognized institutions.

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Piazza dell'Ateneo Nuovo, 1, 20126, Milano, Italy
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Piazza dell'Ateneo Nuovo, 1, 20126, Milano, Italy
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Clinical Nutrition
Medical Science
Clinical Studies
Medical Research
Medical training


1st and 2nd Semester:
Basic Sciences , 14 ECTSFundamentals of cell biology and genetics, 11 ECTSScientific and medical English, 4 ECTSBasic Computer Science 9 ECTSHumanities, 8 ECTSClerkship I, 4 ECTSFundamental of Human Morphology 5 ECTSClerkship II, 5 ECTS

3rd and 4th Semester:
Biostatistics, 4 ECTSFundamentals of Human Physiology, 4 ECTSBasic Pathology and Immunology, 13 ECTSBasic Pharmacology, 4 ECTSMedicine and Society, 10 ECTSmage Diagnostics, 3 ECTSBasic Clinical Skills, 9 ECTSCase based Learning and General Clinical Practice,9 ECTSClerkship III, 2 ECTS

5th and 6th Semester:
Locomotor System Diseases, 14 ECTSClerkship IV, 12 ECTSOptional Activities, 2 ECTSOnco-Hematological Diseases, 8 ECTSInfectious Diseases, 5 ECTSSkin and Connective Tissue Diseases, 6 ECTSClerkship V, 8 ECTSOptional Activities, 3 ECTS

7th and 8th Semester:
Cardiovascular and Respiratory SystemDiseases, 17 ECTSClerkship VI, 12 ECTSNeuroscience I, 7 ECTSEndocrin Kidney and Urinary Tract Diseases, 10 ECTSPublic Health, Preventive and Occupational Medicine,3 ECTSClerkship VII, 8 ECTSOptional Activities, 3 ECTS

9th and 10th Semester:
Neuroscience II, 19 ECTSClerkship VIII, 12 ECTSDigestive Health, 8 ECTSHead and Neck Diseases, 8 ECTSLegal Medicine and HTA, 4 ECTSClerkship IX, 11 ECTS

11th and 12th Semester:
Woman and Child, 21 ECTSClerkship X, 9 ECTSThesis Clerksh