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Castle Street, CF10 1SZ, Cardiff, Wales
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Castle Street, CF10 1SZ, Cardiff, Wales
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The Knowledge Academy Scrum Master Certification Residential 2 day course covers the following topics:


Our Scrum Master course is perfect for anybody with a background in Project Management who is looking to learn the Scrum methodology and gain a recognition of expertise in the application of it. Earning Scrum Master Certification proves your ability to understand Scrum values, practices and applications and use this knowledge to lead a Scrum team.

The course lasts two days and includes an exam on the final day.


This course is open to everyone and there are no prerequisites.


Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for anybody interested in Project Management and Scrum techniques.


Course Structure

  • The course consists of two days of classroom based training using a combination of instructor-led teaching and practical exercises.
  • On the last day, you will take a 1-hour exam to confirm your Scrum knowledge


Course Content

The course covers the following topics:

  • Overview of Scrum
  • Brief History of Scrum
  • Process Paradigms
  • Process Paradigms
  • Scrum Values and Attitudes
  • The Upcoming Knowledge Worker Revolution
  • Future of Scrum and its Economic Impact
  • Overview of a Scrum Project
  • The Big Picture
  • Strategic View: Releases and Business Value
  • Tactical View: Sprints and everyday work
  • Benefits
  • The Scrum team
  • Composition and cross-functionality
  • Responsibilities of the Scrum Developer
  • Organising
  • Product backlog
  • Product Backlog Items (PBIs), User stories and other choices on the Product Backlog
  • Backlog Meetings
  • Architecture on a Scrum Project
  • INVEST in your Product Backlog
  • The Product Owner
  • Description and responsibilities
  • Sharing the vision
  • Releases
  • Release Planning Meetings
  • Colouring the Backlog
  • Sizing PBIs and estimating the product backlog
  • Velocity
  • Allocating Sprints
  • Tracking progress: The Release Burndown
  • What to expect
  • Sprints
  • Sprint Goals
  • Sprint length
  • Architecture on a Scrum project
  • Sprint Planning Meetings
  • Prioritizing
  • The Daily Cycle
  • Values, Attitudes, Spontaneous Pairing
  • Open Areas, Bull Pen and other choices
  • Engineering Practices
  • Daily Scrums
  • Daily Duties of the Scrum Master
  • Task Boards
  • Tracking Progress: The Sprint Burndown
  • Release Sprints
  • Abnormal terminations
  • Sprint Review Meetings
  • Retrospectives
  • The Scrum Master
  • Responsibilities and mindset
  • The Contextual Scrum Master
  • Scrum Master as team member
  • Enterprise Transformation
  • Executive Education and Support
  • Transformation Team
  • Massive Introduction
  • Growing the Implementation
  • Patterns for Scalable and Distributed Scrum Operations
  • Agile PMO and the continued participation of the Transformation Team
  • Executive Reports
  • Enterprise Scrum Benefit


Scrum Master Examination

  • Open-book
  • Multiple-choice
  • 35 questions, with one mark per question
  • Lasts one hour
  • Pass mark is 60%


Why choose The Knowledge Academy's Scrum Course?

  • We give you world-class learning material, including presentation slides and practice papers to ensure you have the best chance of passing your exam
  • We make the learning experience enjoyable
  • We are trusted by globally leading brands such as JP Morgan, HSBC and Sony as a learning partner of choice.
  • We provide pre- and post-course support so you never feel alone
  • All of our training is hands-on, using real-world examples
  • As a market leader, we have an extremely high global pass rate
  • Over 90% of our delegates come back to us for further training
  • We have the best instructors in the industry which is reflected in our position as the market leader for professional qualifications
  • We provide value for money and trained over 25,000 delegates last year
  • We have some of the most luxurious course venues worldwide


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What is Scrum?

Scrum is a framework for using Agile, a project management method based on the idea of being adaptive to change. Scrum is particularly suited to complex projects and divides the project process into a series of sprints lasting up to 4 weeks, where each stage of the project is completed quickly. In addition, Scrum teams are empowered to make their decisions without the need for management approval, based on real-time events and information.

Case Study

At computer chip maker Intel, the Product Development Engineering (PDE) group was often under tremendous pressure to deliver on time and according to requirements, while not having much control over deadlines, scope, or deliverables. This was resulting in missed deadlines, long work weeks and high staff turnover rates.

The sub-teams of PDE decided to try Scrum in order to improve their approach to product development. They formed seven Scrum teams and began with one Scrum Master managing all of them. After three months, an eighth team began using Scrum, and three more Scrum Masters were added. After five months, an additional five Scrum teams were added. This approach meant that Scrum was introduced into the organisation in a consistent way, and not too much change was introduced at once.

Introducing Scrum provided a number of substantial benefits. The Acceptance Criteria demanded by the method provided the group with a tangible way to measure whether a project was done or not. They also managed to cut down on the long working weeks of the past, by making sprints (intense periods of work) last nine days, so every second weekend was outside of a sprint. This took pressure off the teams and increased morale. In addition, communication improved and missed schedules were almost eliminated altogether.

Overall, Scrum turned Intel’s PDE from a command and planning-based organisation into one that was able to continually adapt and self-organise, resulting in reduced development times, better performance and happier employees.

Ulteriori informazioni

  • Scrum Master Certification Residential teaches candidates to understand the Scrum framework
  • Demonstrates the b usiness value of Scrum
  • Learn to put t heory into practice
  • Includes pre-course material, manuals, and certificates
  • Courses delivered by w orld class instructors
  • Training provided in l uxury nationwide venues
  • High earning potential with Scrum Master training courses
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