SEND: Teaching Children With Learning Difficulties

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This SEND course analyses learning disabilities & offers new teaching techniques for parents and teachers that are working with children who have Special Educational Needs and difficulties. It will explain learning difficulties and the impact that they have on children at home and in the school setting.Cara Koscinski has been exposed to learning difficulties all of her life. Both Cara and her husband suffer from ADHD and her two children have learning difficulties such as autism and sensory processing issues, so she understands learning disabilities and has researched the topic thoroughly, Cara will share this experience and expertise with you throughout the course.By taking this course you will learn how to identify different TYPE_IDs of learning difficulties, you will understand the impact that these have on children at school and also when they are at home, Cara will teach you how to accommodate children with learning difficulties and offer a number of teaching techniques that will benefit your teacher and student relationship.

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25 lectures, including 4 hours of video content plus, downloadable PDF's
Learn how to identify learning difficulties in children such as ADHD, autism, sensory processing issues etc.
Understand the impact that these conditions have on children at school and at home and how to accommodate this.
Learn different teaching techniques designed to benefit the teacher and the student 
Buy Cara's books - 'Parents guide to occupational therapy for autism and other special needs,' 'The Weighted Blanket Guide,' 'The Special Needs survival guide'

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Teaching Techniques


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Instructor Introduction and Welcome to the Course

The Different TYPE_IDs of Learning Disabilities
A Brief Overview
Handout - Signs and Symptoms
ADD/ADHD not Learning Difficulties
Auditory and Visual Processing Disorder
Non Verbal Learning Disabilities
Diagnosing and Treating
Difficulties experienced by children with learning disabilities

The impact that learning disabilities have on a child at home and school
Comorbid Disorders
Handout - Symptoms of Learning Difficulties at School
Signs of Learning Difficulties at School
Handout - Symptoms of Learning Difficulties at Home
Signs of Learning Difficulties at Home
Child rearing despite learning difficulties
Handout - Linguistic Abilities
Linguistic abilities

Listing accommodations for home and school
Kinaesthetic Learners
Accommodations for School and Home
Behaviour and Flexibility
Specific Accommodations
Sensory Processing and Sensory Innovations

Benefits of different Teaching TYPE_IDs
Introduction to Incidental Learning
Handout - Teacher Based Approach
Teacher based Approach
Deductive and Inductive Reasoning
The Structure of Intellect Learning

Conclusion and Bonus Materials
Useful Resources

Course Quiz