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Special Educational Needs

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Do you consider yourself a patient person? Do you like working with children? If you have a passion for education and you want to make a difference, this new course recently added on Emagister's catalogue could be exactly what you need!

The Special Educational Needs course, offered by International Open Academy, will enhance you with the skills you need to be able to help students with learning disabilities.

As we continue to improve on our ability to identify students with learning disabilities and diverse needs, the importance of individuals who are trained to help these students increases.

Students with special educational needs require special services in order to perform in the classroom and grow as students and individuals. That is why schools are always looking for talented individuals who can provide their students with the appropriate interventions to help them succeed.

If you want to make a difference and you would like to find out more about this course, visit emagister.co.uk and ask for more information!

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This course is recommended for individuals who want to pursue a career in special needs education (SEN)

*It’s also excellent training for volunteers, or anyone who works with children with learning or physical disabilities
*For family or friends of children with disabilities, to help them understand communication and learning best practices

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Il meglio: This course is an absolute must-have for the career needs. I enjoyed my time and everything was great and the curriculum was well crafted and I enjoyed my time like anything. Thanks a lot. Rest everything was great.
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Corso realizzato: Agosto 2018
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Education Studies
Early Childhood Education
Special Needs Care
Evaluation Methods
Special Education
Special Education Teacher
Special education needs
Language teaching


Course Programme

Module 1: Overview
  • What are Special Educational Needs?
  • Different Forms of SEN
  • Effects of SEN on Learners
  • General Support Systems for SEN

Module 2: Identification and Intervention
  • Observation
  • Testing for SEN
  • Analysing Results
  • Creating an Intervention Plan
  • Monitoring Student’s Response to Intervention

Module 3: Language and Literacy
  • Language Acquisition Issues
  • Language Acquisition Intervention
  • Literacy for Students with Special Needs
  • Literacy Skill Building
  • Interaction Between Reading and Writing

Module 4: Early Childhood Special Educational Needs
  • Principles Understanding
  • Diverse Needs
  • Models of Intervention
  • Curriculum Development
  • Monitoring and Evaluating Progress

Module 5: Middle Child and Adolescent Special Educational Needs
  • Meeting Cognitive, Emotional, and Social Needs
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Collaboration
  • Improving Skills
  • Basic Differentiation

Module 6: Students with Mild and Moderate Disabilities
  • Common Disabilities
  • Identification of Needs
  • Planning and Instruction
  • Learning in Different Subject Areas
  • Assessment of Teaching

Module 7: Students with Severe Disabilities
  • Potential Disabilities
  • Identification of Needs
  • Planning and Instruction
  • Learning in Different Subject Areas
  • Assessment of Teaching

Module 8: Family Involvement
  • Importance of Family Involvement
  • Facilitating Family Involvement
  • Special Education at Home
  • Suggestions for Improving Family Involvement

Module 9: SEN and the Law
  • SEN Code of Practice
  • Tribunals
  • SEN in Schools
  • EHC Plans
  • Discrimination
  • Advice and Support

Module 10: Case Studies
  • Case Study Examples (3)
  • Making Observations
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Proposing Interventions