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Learn to guide and advise other counsellors. Professional supervision for psychologists and counsellors involves debriefing. Without the opportunity to discuss cases in a confidential professional situation, a professional can themselves begin to suffer from having to deal alone with a build-up of problems they confront regularly. Develops skills in supervising other professionals and an awareness of what to expect when undergoing supervision yourself.

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Distance Learning
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Distance Learning

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Report Writing
Problem Solving


Lesson Structure: Supervision VBS104

There are 10 lessons:

Functions of a supervisor, Organisational structures & heirachy, Bases for organisational structure, Organisational charts, Supervisors responsibilities, How supervisors fit into an organisation, What does a supervisor do.
Understanding the work place:
Government and private personnel departments, unions; Law and employees, Contracted responsibilities, Discrimination, Liability for staff actions, Workplace elements.
Communications and human relations:
Influence in the workplace (formal authority, Reward and punishment, Knowledge, Leadership, Power, etc), Familiarity, Managing Aptitude (Status, Prestige, Loyalty, Security, Friendship, Personality, Workload, etc), Good Business Writing, Memoranda, Letters.
Motivating employees:
Internal Incentives, Environmental Incentives, Practical ways to motivate
Organising the work place:
Good work habits, Planning a Work schedule, Establishing priorities, Improving results, Project planning and management tools, Organising the work space.
Problem solving techniques:
Solving problems, Guidelines for making decisions, Types of problem, solvers, Different ways to solve problems, Involving others, A Classic Problem Solving Technique
Discipline, complaints and grievances:
Levels of discipline (reprimanding, fixing, blame, formal warning, removing privileges, termination of employment, legal action), Increasing self discipline, Introducing change, Giving orders.
Interviewing, recruitment, training:
Job interviews, Successful interviewing, Resumes/ C.V's, Training Staff, Staff Procedure Documents, Staff contracts,
Work place safety:
Cost of injury and illness, Duty of Care, Accidents, Managing manual work safely, Protective equipment
Dealing with management/worker participation/ report writing/ staff meetings:
Purpose of meetings, Leading a meeting, Problems with meetings, Meeting documentation
Learning Goals: Supervision VBS104

Explain and create an organisational chart.
Describe the five basic kinds of Unions.
Report on what you expect to achieve by practicing good human relations.
Define objectives, goals, tasks to be achieved.
Describe what steps should be taken before re organising a section or department?
Draw up a work area for an office, factory etc.
Show step by step how you would work through the problem solving technique systematically, in order to determine a good way of dealing with this problem.
Write a diplomatic letter to a union in response to a complaint.
Draw up a suitable advertisement for a position of a "Salesperson"
Explain the methods most frequently used to train new employees.

This course is accredited by ACCPH and allows you to join as a professional member after completion. Membership allows you to add the letters MACCPH after your name (post-nominals).

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