Become an expert dog-groomer!
Holly and Hugo

Ultimate Guide To Dog Grooming

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Holly and Hugo
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The pet care industry has experienced phenomenal growth over the past 10 years and dog groomers are in big demand.

Holly and Hugo is designed to equip you with the grooming skills you need to keep your own dog in tip top condition, become an assistant groomer or to set up your own dog grooming salon.

As this is an instructional course, putting your learning into practice will increase your confidence considerably.

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You’ll learn safe set-up and restraint procedures, the specific tools you need and how to deal with common skin disorders along with standard cuts for 12 breeds of dog, all in your own time. Through hands-on video tutorials you’ll see how to professionally bathe a dog and care for nails, ears, eyes and anal glands. You’ll even learn some tips on dealing with reluctant models!

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Joanne Coulter
Il meglio: The course has given me the certainty to guide and tailorown dogs better and I now know which request to clasp and how to utilize the instruments in a more sure manner. The entire way the course is set up is anything but difficult to explore and keep an eye on your advance.
Da migliorare: Nothing.
Corso realizzato: Settembre 2015
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Linda Raymer
Il meglio: I needed to find out about puppy preparing as I'm keen on possibly beginning my own particular business one day. I likewise appreciate adapting new things to do with pooches as they are my genuine energy. I learned numerous things including creature medical aid and the distinctive coats diverse mutts have. I delighted in the way the modules were set and they were all around arranged. I preferred how I could stop at whenever and go to past pages and to do a practice before an exam.
Da migliorare: Nothing.
Corso realizzato: Settembre 2016
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Shauna Smith
Il meglio: I didn't have any prepping aptitudes before the course, now I do. I went out and bought a couple of clippers and scissors with the goal that I am presently ready to prepare my own particular puppy at home. It was simple perusing and I delighted in the recordings demonstrating how every specific breed ought to be prepared while having the focuses on the right hand side of the video. I am an exceptionally visual and hands on individual so it was pleasant viewing the recordings.
Da migliorare: Nothing.
Corso realizzato: Aprile 2014
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Cosa impari in questo corso?

Dog Grooming
Animal Nutrition
Animal Behaviour
Dog Handling
Emotional Intelligence
Animal Care
Animal Biology
Pet Care
Animal grooming
Dog Behavior
Animal Psychology
Pet Psychology


Module 1: Where did grooming begin?
1.1 History and evolution of dog grooming
1.2 Origins of dog grooming
1.3 A profession of the future
1.4 Bark the loudest!

Module 2: Be prepared!
2.1 Safe set up procedures
2.2 Safety for you and your staff
2.3 Safety restraints
2.4 Muzzles
2.5 Pet safety

Module 3: First aid
3.1 Introduction
3.2 How to approach an injured or ill dog
3.3 Artificial respiration
3.4 Heart massage
3.5 Heat stroke
3.6 Stress from shock

Module 4: The most common disorders
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Eczema
4.3 Ringworm
4.4 Dandruff
4.5 Scabies
4.6 Otitis
4.7 Conjunctivitis
4.8 Plaque

Module 5: Working tools
5.1 Large items
5.2 Cutting equipment and scissors
5.3 Brushes and combs
5.4 Accessories
5.5 Hygiene and disinfection

Module 6: Psychology and bathing
6.1 The dog groomers approach to dogs
6.2 Advice for clients on preparing dogs for grooming
6.3 Aggressive dogs
6.4 Why wash?
6.5 Before you start
6.6 Important little places
6.7 Shampoo
6.8 Dive in!

Module 7: Anatomy & types of coat
7.1 Anatomy
7.2 Types of coat
7.3 Table of grooming levels
7.4 Bathing dogs with long hair
7.5 Bathing dogs with curly hair
7.6 Bathing dogs with short hair
7.7 Bathing Nordic dogs

Module 8: Standard styles
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Poodle
8.3 Yorkshire terrier
8.4 White west highland terrier
8.5 English cocker spaniel
8.6 Shih Tzu
8.7 Schnauzer
8.8 Labrador/retriever
8.9 French Bulldog
8.10 Samoyed husky
8.11 Mongrel / mutt / mixed breed