Understand Anti Bribery Laws and avoid Corruption

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A strong anti-corruption ethics and compliance regime is good for business:
• It protects and enhances reputation, to the benefit of all stakeholders;
• It provides a risk management framework to qualify new business opportunities.

This online training course sets out the components of corruption, how it occurs and its impact.

You’ll explore how business relationships might lead to bribery and examine the laws surrounding bribery and corruption, especially the UK Bribery Act 2010. You’ll also be given the tools and techniques to implement an effective anti-bribery management system into your, or your client’s, organisation.

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Our Anti Bribery and Corruption Online Course
enables the learner to:
• Define corruption and why it happens
• Understand how bribery can happen and the key dynamics of bribery
• Gain comprehensive knowledge of the UK Bribery Act 2010
• Assess risks and implement a successful anti-bribery management system

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Professionals in an organisation who are responsible for overseeing or implementing anti-fraud and anti-corruption measures.


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Risk Assessment
Risk Analysis
Risk Management
Managing Risk
Risk Derivatives
Bribery Act


Understanding corruption
• Why is compliance important?
• How do you define corruption?
• What crimes might be involved in corruption?
• How does corruption happen?
• What is the global impact?

How bribery happens
• What are the basics of bribery?
• What are the risk areas in bribery?
• What are the key dynamics of bribery?
• How can grooming incentivise improper performance?
• What form do bribes take?
• How can a bribe be discovered?

Laws and regulations
• What the UK Bribery Act 2010?
• What are the key sections of the Bribery Act?
• What are the Bribery Act’s key points?
• What is the UK Ministry of Justice guidance to the Bribery Act 2010?
• What does the US Foreign and Corrupt Practices Act cover?

Managing the risk
• What are the risk assessment steps?
• What is the business value of a standard?
• What are the key aspects of BS10500?
• How do you implement a standard?