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VMware ESXi and vSphere 5.1 Admin Video Tutorial Course

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  The following course, offered by Career vision, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

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Data Protection
VSphere training



 •  Format: DVD or Instant Download
 •  Duration: 6.5 Hours (53 lessons)
 •  Instructor: Glen Martin
 •  Platform: Windows PC or Mac

In this VMWare Esxi and amp; vSphere training course, Glen Martin gives you an overview of installing and configuring a vSphere 5.1 environment. You will quickly become familiar with the core features of vSphere, and how to install and configure them. This tutorial is designed for the absolute beginner, and you do not need any prior vSphere experience to get the most from the lessons.

You start the training with lessons on installing and configuring vSphere. You will cover topics such as installing VMware ESXi, working with the vSphere Client, and managing Hosts using the vSphere Client. Glen covers how to configure Networking and Storage, and to create and configure Virtual Machines. You will learn about installing and using vCenter, and the vSphere Client. Glen shows you how to work with a Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), configuring for High Availability (HA) and vSphere Data Protection (VDP).

Once you have completed this VMware ESXi and vSphere 5.1 Administration video tutorial, you will be familiar and comfortable with the process of installing and configuring ESXi and vSphere for a development and testing lab.

Benefits of this Software Training:
 •  Tuition by expert tutors.
 •  Narrated training videos demonstrate the key tools and professional techniques
        helping you to work faster and smarter.
 •  Learning is fast as the trainers guide you using simplistic terms and minimal jargon.
 •  Personal Tutoring - Step-by-step video training from your own desktop.
        Delivered via DVD/CD training or online tuition.
 •  The tutor transfers knowledge to you quickly and effectively.
 •  All the concepts of each application are explained clearly and precisely.
 •  Course works on PC and Mac.
 •  Alternative to a boring book or manual and expensive training courses,
        seminars and amp; classes.
 •  Jump to and from lessons - learn at your own pace.
 •  The visual and practical nature shortens the learning curve compared to standard
        training manuals.


The following sections are available for free viewing. Click on the links below to get started.

00. Free Videos From This Course Introduction to VMWare vSphere Administration About The Author Installing ESXi Network Traffic Shaping And Load Balancing NFS Datastores Configuring Alarms Using vSphere Web Client Resource Reservations And Limits DRS Recommendations Configuring HA vSphere Data Protection File Level Restore 01. Installation And Initial Configuration 0101 Introduction to VMWare vSphere Administration 0102 About The Author 0103 Virtualization Overview - Part 1 0104 Virtualization Overview - Part 2 0105 Virtualization Overview - Part 3 0106 Installing ESXi 0107 Configuring ESXi With DCUI Interface 0108 ESXi Shell Commands 02. Working With the vSphere Client 0201 Installing vSphere Client 0202 Managing Hosts With vSphere Client - Part 1 0203 Managing Hosts With vSphere Client - Part 2 03. Networking 0301 Introduction To Networking 0302 Adding Port Groups And VMKernel Ports 0303 Network Traffic Shaping And Load Balancing 04. Storage 0401 VMFS File System 0402 Configuring iSCSI 0403 Storage Path Selection 0404 NFS Datastores 05. Virtual Machines 0501 Creating Virtual Machines: Windows 2008 R2 X64 0502 Installing VMware Tools 0503 Virtual Machine Settings 0504 Virtual Machine Snapshots 0505 Virtual Machine Settings For Performance 0506 Optimizing Performance With Paravirtual Devices 06. vCenter 0601 vCenter Install 0602 Adding Host To vCenter 0603 vCenter Server Settings 0604 Roles And Permissions 0605 Configuring Alarms 0606 Scheduled Tasks 0607 Events And Logs 0608 Deploying Virtual Machines From Templates 07. vSphere Web Client 0701 Installing vSphere Web Client 0702 Using vSphere Web Client 08. Performance 0801 Performance Graphs 0802 Using ESXTOP 0803 Resource Reservations And Limits 0804 Resource Pools 09. vMotion 0901 Storage vMotion 0902 vMotion 10. Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) 1001 Creating A DRS Cluster 1002 Configure DRS Cluster 1003 DRS Recommendations 11. High Availability (HA) 1101 Configuring HA 1102 HA Failover 12. vCenter Update Manager (VUM) 1201 Installing VUM 1202 Configuring VUM 1203 VUM Baselines, Scanning, And Remediation 1204 Updating Virtual Machine Hardware And Tools Using VUM 13. vSphere Data Protection (VDP) 1301 vSphere Data Protection Install And Initial Config 1302 vSphere Data Protection Backup And Restore 1303 vSphere Data Protection File Level Restore 14. Conclusion 1401 Conclusion