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Wedding Planner with Finance & Business Management

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Trendimi’s Wedding Planner with Finance and Business Management course teaches you all you need to know to be an efficient, confident and professional Wedding Planner, how to successfully set up, promote and run your own business.
As a wedding planner you design, plan and manage one of the most significant events in your clients’ lives. However, we know that while this will be your main focus you will also need to know how to keep your finances in order, how to get clients and referrals and how to run a successful business. This course gives you comprehensive step by step knowledge in all areas of wedding planning, finance and business management.
Immerse yourself in all aspects of becoming a well-known and sought after Wedding Planner.

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With this course you will learn:
• To structure the timing of your tasks and plan for all the additional celebrations around the wedding itself
• What criteria to use to choose the best date and the most suitable venue
• How to be prepared for and imaginative with the wide variety of traditions and themes you may be asked to accommodate
• Track and manage your financial income and outgoings
• Set up proper bookkeeping from the start
• Understand the financial side of your business better
• Better understand how to plan for and prepare taxes
• How to create a brand for your business
• How to attract clients and all important referrals
• How to implement an online marketing strategy
• Managing your sales pitch and generating leads
• Choosing the right business set up for you
• How to successfully manage and grow your business
• Advice on where to look for funding
We love to see our students following their dreams and achieving their ambitions. We’re behind you all the way. We’ve created this course to help you direct your life – to have the tools to put your vision into your reality. Get started today and step into the future that’s waiting for you.

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Business and Management
Market Research
Wedding Planning
Social Media
Business Plan
Financial Training
Sales Training


Module 1 : Profession of a Wedding Planner
What is the profession of a Wedding Planner? 
What are the characteristics of a Wedding Planner? 
Client Questionnaire
The planning process
Types of weddings 
Choosing music for the ceremony. 
Choosing music for the banquet. 

Module 2 : Planning for the Big Day 
Engagement Party - wedding planner’s functions
Bachelor party - individual or joint
Choice of venue for the celebration
Invitations: design and content
How to prepare the guest list
Flower girls and pageboys - functions
Rings and symbols of partnership
The speeches - who, how, when and why? 
Event checklist - Video tutorial 

Module 3 : Dressing the wedding party 
For the bride 
For the groom 
For the bridesmaids, best man, flower girls and page boys 
Other things to consider when dressing the bridal party 
Make up 
Hair colour and style 
Nail care 

Module 4 : The Reception, Party and Gifts 
Choosing the banquet menu
Complementary Services
Floral decoration for the church, for the couples’ mode of transportation and for the banquet location
Layout of tables
What to give to your guests? 
What to give the couple? 
Capturing lifelong memories: After party
The honeymoon 

Module 5 : Budget, Payment and Review 
Final Budget 
Sample Budgets 
Incidence Analysis 

Module 6 : Marketing your Wedding Planner business 
Market research 
Build your brand
Take advantage of low cost marketing techniques 
Make your website work hard for you 
Use social media 
PR and advertising 

Module 7 : Starting your Wedding Planner business
What help is available 
Setting up your business 
Running your business 


Module 9 : Beginning accounting 
History of accounting 
Why is accounting important? 
Decisions you must make Jargon, or how to speak like an accountant 

Module 10 : Types of accounting 
Financial accounting 
Management accounting 
Tax accounting 

Module 11 : Making sense of your accounts 
The accounting cycle 
Using computers for accounting
How does computerized accounting work? 

Module 12 : Keeping inventory and tracking sales
Purpose of inventory 
Keeping up with inventory 
Keeping track of sales 
Balancing cash 

Module 13 : Controlling and managing expenses 
How to control expenses 
Balancing your payroll 
Long-term asset acquisitions 
Financial liabilities 

Module 14 : Avoiding illegal accounting 
Improper accounting procedures 
Avoiding shortcuts 
Famous accounting scandals 

Module 15 : Introduction to bookkeeping 
Importance of bookkeeping 
Single-entry bookkeeping 
Double-entry bookkeeping 

Module 16 : Proper bookkeeping 
Balancing and testing your book 
How to adjust entries 
Financial statement preparation 
Profit analysis 
Liquidity, and how to test it 
Why is internal control important? 

Module 17 : Tracking & reporting taxes 
What are business taxes? 
How to report year-end numbers to the government 
Finishing and closing your books 

Module 18 : Handling an audit 
External auditor 
Internal auditor 
Cost auditor 
Performance audit 
Quality audits 

Module 19 : Marketing
What is marketing? 
Customers needs and wants 
Marketing research 
Market research: what to look at and where to find it 
Segmentation Positioning 
The 4 Ps – Product, Price, Place, Promotion 
Three more Ps – People, Process, Physical environment 
Product development 
Pricing strategy
Credit and payment terms 
Promotion channels 
How to distribute your products, B2B marketing 
After sales service – handling complaints and returns 

Module 20 : Your Marketing Plan 
Why have a marketing plan? 
Essential components for a marketing plan 
Sample marketing plan 

Module 21 : Low cost marketing techniques 
Business image 
Increase your visibility in your community 
Build a mailing list 
Business networking 

Module 22 : Developing your brand 
Brand identity 
Brand name and logo 
Building your brand personality 
Believe in your brand and your customers will too 

Module 23 : Your website 
Why do you need a website? 
Setting up a website 
Creating good content 
The copy 
Search engine optimisation, SEO 
Website analytics 
Benefits of blogging 

Module 24 : Social Media and Online Marketing
What is online marketing?
The power of social media 
Rules of engagement 
Prepare a social media marketing plan 
Manage your online presence 
How to be likeable on social media 
A picture is worth a thousand words 
Google + 
Email marketing 

Module 25 : Public Relations and Advertising 
Look for PR opportunities 
Writing an effective press release 
Radio/Press interview 
Generate newsworthy ideas 

Module 26 : Sales 
Sales campaigns 
Your sales pitch
Lead generation 
Pay per click advertising (PPC) and selling online 

Module 27 : Preparation – Before you start your business 
Self-assessment. Are you an entrepreneur? 
Market Research and competition analysis 
Developing, assessing and testing your idea 
Funding – how to finance your business idea 
Availing of help

Module 28 : Preparation – Introduction to Marketing 
Income sources and pricing 
Marketing, advertising, promotion 
Building your marketing and sales strategy
Make full use of technology 

Module 29 : Setting up your business 
Your business structure 
Business name, brands and intellectual property 
Registering the business 

Module 30 : Running your business 
Budgets and cash flow 
Accounting, record keeping and taxes 
Business bank account and online banking 
Arranging finance 
Home based business 
Staff, motivation and training 

Module 31 : Business Plan 
What is a business plan and why do you need one? 
Sections in the business plan 
Access help to write your plan 

Module 32 : Launching your business 
Planning a successful business launch 
Time management and delegation 
Personal development 
Building your business network