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Women in Leadership: Expanding Influence and Leading Change

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Are you a woman looking to gain the insight and knowledge of how to move your career forward, enrol in this course at Emagister.co.uk

The research and evidence are clear: inclusive leaders and inclusive organizations outperform those that are not, yet women remain underrepresented in all levels of management. This program is designed to help elevate the impact of women leaders – enabling them to navigate the business landscape, develop and leverage their talents, and step into roles of greater influence.

Despite the compelling case for equality of gender representation at all levels of an organization, even with the best of intentions, unconscious bias can distort critical decisions influencing who moves ahead within an organization.

During this course, Women in Leadership: Expanding Influence and Leading Change, participants will learn time-tested techniques and practical ideas which women can apply immediately to their career and that can help combat these performance-limiting biases.
Get ready to be inspired, network with likeminded colleagues, and learn applicable skills for an immediate impact on your career and your organization.

Professor Rita McGrath, a globally recognized expert on management and strategy, is the program's faculty director. Along with certified leadership coaches focused on women’s advancement, this innovative program will provide participants with the knowledge, skills, tools, and real-time problem-solving needed to further the advancement of women in leadership roles. Complete this course at Emagister.co.uk

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Inizio Luogo
16 giu 2020
10 nov 2020
New York City
3022 Broadway, NY 10027, New York, USA
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Inizio 16 giu 2020
10 nov 2020
New York City
3022 Broadway, NY 10027, New York, USA
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Archna Negi
Sul corso: Excellent program for women who do not realize what is missing and how do they overcome their weakness and enhance their strengths for career growth.
Corso realizzato: Marzo 2019
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Linda Kenworthy
Sul corso: The Women in Leadership program provides leaders with useful tools and tactics to apply in our day-to-day management roles; real-life examples showcase the points made in each session; and small group exercises enable us to apply the techniques. Great pr...
Corso realizzato: Aprile 2019
Consiglieresti questo centro?:
Tania Fabiani
Sul corso: The Women in Leadership Executive Education program gives you the tools to have real impact on your organization and be an effective leader.
Corso realizzato: Marzo 2019
Consiglieresti questo centro?:
Former student
Sul corso: The staff development is tremendous; you get support through the entire process. Plus, CBS has a career fellow program where selected second years from various industries can meet and help the students in person.
Corso realizzato: Aprile 2019
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Managing Diversity
Team Bonding
Team Leader
Management Planning
Network Training
Team management
Team Bonding


Program Structure

The Women in Leadership: Expanding Influence and Leading Change program uses a combination of online tools, interactive lectures, inspirational talks, and workshop exercises for individuals and groups. Sessions taught by Columbia Business School professors, women’s leadership practitioners and business leaders are supplemented by sessions with executive coaches and colleagues from various fields and industries.

The weeks leading up to the program will help participants frame their personal goals for participation in the course, connect participants with each other and with their coaches, and solicit participant input to be used throughout the program with various online activities.

Participants should budget five to six hours of preparation for the program, including a one-on-one executive coaching session prior to the start date. Program participation also includes a group coaching session after the program.

Day 1 focuses on crystallizing your goals and cultivating the supporters you need to realize your ambitions, including:
-Identifying and developing your:

  • leadership identity
  • personal brand in the workplace
  • motivations, values, and strengths
  • vision statement for your leadership
  • personal positioning statement
-Evaluating your formal and informal networks to identify the strengths of your network and individuals who can become supporters of your mission.-Learning strategies for advocating for yourself and gaining visibility for your accomplishments

Day 2 focuses on interactions with others and communicating effectively, including:
-Effective and productive communication tactics in an array of contexts:
  • informal
  • formal
  • when the stakes are high
-The importance of story-telling to enlist supporters and facilitate decision-making-Strategies and techniques for making your voice heard in challenging situations.-Specific approaches for overcoming obstacles in conflict situations and managing negotiations to a beneficial outcome.

Day 3 will equip you to create a new future – from envisioning new strategies to driving change in your organization, specifically:
  • Visioning skills required to identify and pursue opportunities beyond your to-do list and to alert others to new possibilities
  • Assessing your level of comfort in taking risks
  • Adopting a new framework for thinking about risk, uncertainty, and failure
  • Applying these new learnings to the opportunity to advance women’s leadership in your workplace and develop strategies to make that happen.