Expert Economic financial analyst

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Rivolto a: Experience, college degree or professional, as well as mid-level general education (High School).

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Accounting for non financial

Balance Sheet
The Profit and Loss Account
The annual accounts

Business Valuation
Objectives and fundamentals of business valuation
Valuation methodology for business
Static valuation methods.
Mixed methods (based on the good will).
Market models.
Relative valuation model.
Models of cash flows.
Models of value creation.

Financial Statement Analysis

Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis
Balance sheet analysis
Analysis of profit and loss account
Profitability analysis
Analysis of working capital
Overview of financial statements

Investment Analysis

Fundamental concepts of Investment Analysis
Projects added in investment analysis
Static models in the investment analysis
Dynamic models of investment analysis.
Advanced dynamic models of investment analysis
The risk in the investment analysis.
Sensitivity analysis in investment analysis
Simulation models in investment analysis.

Stock Market Analysis

The stock market
Recruitment in bag
Market climate analysis
Economic and Financial Analysis of the company.

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