Intermediate Topics on Structural Equation Modeling using IBM Amos (v22)

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Via Valtellina, 63, 20124, Milano, Italia
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You should have:

  • Taken the Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling Using IBM SPSS Amos course or have equivalent experience
  • Familiarity with Structural Equation Modeling

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Target del corso

This intermediate course is for analysts with experience in Structural Equation Modeling and using IBM SPSS Amos.


Contenuti del corso

Intermediate Topics on Structural Equation Modeling Using IBM SPSS Amos (V22) is a two day instructor-led classroom course, that guides students through a variety of advanced topics in Structural Equation Modeling.

Contenuti dettagliati del corso

Nested Models

  • The Felson and Bornstedt Models
  • Demonstrating Nested Models
Multiple Group Comparisons
  • What is a Multiple Group Comparison?
  • Specifying the Groups for a Multi-group Analysis
  • Constraining the parameters to be equal
  • Performing the multi-group analysis
  • Demonstration - Manually testing for multi-group invariance
  • Demonstration - Performing pairwise comparisons between parameters in a multi-group analysis
  • Performing Bootstrapping in Amos
  • Using Bootstrapping to Analyze Non-Normal Data
Estimating Direct, Indirect and Total Effects
  • Calculating Total and Indirect Effects in Amos
  • Calculating Indirect Partial Effects
  • Using Simple User Defined Estimands to Calculate Indirect Effects
  • Estimating User Defined Operands with VB
Bayesian Estimation
  • Performing a Bayesian Estimation in Amos
  • Additional Estimates
  • Assessing Convergence
  • Fit Measures
  • Example: Using Bayesian Estimation to Correct for an Inadmissible Solution
  • Attempting to Fit the Model by Calculating Estimates
Analyzing Categorical Data
  • Specifying the Data File
  • Recoding the Variables to Ordered-Categorical
  • Demonstration - Performing Confirmatory Factor Analysis with Ordered-Categorical Data in Amos
  • Demonstration - Analyzing Data with Binary Outcomes in Amos
Growth Curve Modeling
  • Growth Curve Modeling in Amos
  • Drawing a Growth Curve Model in Amos
  • Demonstration - Measuring Changes in Student Vocabulary Scores Over Time
Program Editor
  • Programming in Amos
  • Running Programs from the Program Editor
  • Modifying Path Diagrams in Program Editor
  • Working with Complicated Models

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