VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6]

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Inizio Villafranca di verona
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  • Villafranca di verona
  • 35 ore di lezione
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Il corso vuole offrire una panoramica sull'installazione e configurazione di ESXi, componenti di vCenter Server, utilizzare vCenter Server per configurare e gestire reti ESXi e stoccaggio

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Villafranca di Verona
37069, Verona, Italia
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Inizio Flessible
Villafranca di Verona
37069, Verona, Italia
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Installing VMware
Configuring VMware
Reti informatiche
Infrastructure designing
Server deployment
Services designing
Reti ESXi
Hardware e software


Francesco Pandiscia
Francesco Pandiscia
Senior Consultant, MCT, MCPIT, MCTS e VMware VCP


Module 1Course IntroductionIntroductions and course logisticsCourse objectivesModule 2Introduction to VMware VirtualizationIntroduce virtualization virtual machines and vSphere componentsExplain the concepts of server network and storage virtualizationDescribe where vSphere fits into the cloud architectureInstall and use vSphere user interfacesModule 3Creating Virtual MachinesIntroduce virtual machines virtual machine hardware and virtual machine filesDeploy a single virtual machineModule 4VMware vCenter ServerIntroduce the vCenter Server architectureIntroduce VMware vCenter Server ApplianceConfigure and manage vCenter Server ApplianceManage vCenter Server inventory objects and licensesModule 5Configuring and Managing Virtual NetworksDescribe create and manage a standard virtual switchDescribe and modify standard virtual switch propertiesConfigure virtual switch loadbalancing algorithmsModule 6Configuring and Managing Virtual

StorageIntroduce storage protocols and device namesConfigure ESXi with iSCSI NFS and Fibre Channel storageCreate and manage vSphere datastoresDeploy and manage VMware vSphere

Storage ApplianceModule 7Virtual Machine ManagementUse templates and cloning to deploy virtual machinesModify and manage virtual machinesCreate and manage virtual machine snapshotsPerform VMware vSphere vMotion and VMware vSphere Storage vMotion migrationsCreate a VMware vSphere vAppModule 8Data

ProtectionDiscuss a strategy for backing up ESXi hosts and vCenter ServerDiscuss solutions for backing up virtual machines efficientlyModule 9Access and Authentication ControlControl user access through roles and permissionsConfigure and manage the ESXi firewallConfigure ESXi lockdown modeIntegrate

ESXi with Active DirectoryExplain VMware vShield Endpoint integration in VSphereModule 10Resource Management and MonitoringIntroduce virtual CPU and memory conceptsDescribe methods for optimizing CPU and memory usageConfigure and manage resource poolsMonitor resource usage using vCenter Server performance graphs and alarmsModule 11High Availability and Fault ToleranceIntroduce the new VMware vSphere High Availability architectureConfigure and manage a vSphere HA clusterIntroduce VMware vSphere Fault ToleranceDescribe VMware vSphere Replication

Module 12ScalabilityConfigure and manage a VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler DRS clusterConfigure Enhanced vMotion CompatibilityUse vSphere HA and DRS togetherModule 13Patch ManagementUse Update Manager to manage

ESXi patchingInstall Update Manager and the Update Manager pluginCreate patch baselinesScan and remediate hostsModule 14Installing VMware ComponentsIntroduce ESXi installationDescribe bootfromSAN requirementsIntroduce vCenter Server deployment optionsDescribe vCenter Server hardware software and database requirementsInstall vCenter Server Windowsbased

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