WM870G CICS V3 Application Development for SOA and Web Services

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This 5-day instructor-led course teaches students how to design, code, and debug CICS application programs that utilize the CICS Web Support and CICS Web Services features in CICS TS V3. The content of this course applies to the entire family of CICS products, and is primarily directed toward application developers who are interested in implementing CICS Web Services. Through a combination of instructor-led lectures and extensive hands-on exercises in COBOL, students learn about the aspects of CICS Web Support that form the foundation for creating and debugging CICS Web Services. The course covers topics such as creating and implementing CICS applications as Web services, developing CICS server and client applications, and implanting security measures in CICS for Web support and Web services applications. This course is applicable to all releases of CICS TS V3. For information about other related WebSphere courses, visit the WebSphere Education Training Paths website:

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Dove e quando

Inizio Luogo
Via Cassanese, 224, Palazzo Mantegna, Scala A, 20090, Milano, Italia
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Inizio Consultare
Via Cassanese, 224, Palazzo Mantegna, Scala A, 20090, Milano, Italia
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Web master


  • Introduction to CICS Web Support
  • Exercise: Invoking a CICS application using a URL
  • HTML and JavaScript overview
  • Exercise: Coding, testing, and debugging an HTML page
  • Developing a CICS Web Support server application
  • Exercise: Building a presentation logic front end program
  • Developing a CICS Web Support client application
  • Exercise: Building a CICS client program
  • CICS and XML
  • Exercise: Using CICS to parse and generate XML
  • Introduction and overview of CICS Web Services tooling
  • CICS as a Web services provider
  • Exercise: Building a Web services provider application
  • CICS as a Web services requester
  • Exercise: Building a Web services requester application
  • WS-Security and WS-Trust
  • Setting up and using the resources
  • Exercise: Resource definition
  • Summary

Each participant will have a station set up with operating systems and software needed for the exercises.

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