0S004G Introduction to IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services (v6)

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This course is an intermediate course designed to teach Collaboration and Deployment users object and asset management, security, shared resource usage, automation, and interaction with IBM SPSS Modeler Gold. Students focus on the makeup of the content repository and its objects. They will learn how to manage repository objects, the logical hierarchy structure, and how to import, export, and promote objects for use in multi-repository environments. Students will become familiar with the components of jobs and the mechanisms to set up, order, and relate job steps. Scheduling, parameters, job monitoring, job history, and event notification are discussed. Finally, the role of Collaboration and Deployment Services in Modeler Gold is discussed, addressing Real Time Scoring, Analytic Data View, and Model Management.


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Via Cassanese, 224, Palazzo Mantegna, Scala A, 20090, Milano, Italia
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Via Cassanese, 224, Palazzo Mantegna, Scala A, 20090, Milano, Italia
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Il centro presenta a continuazione il programma pensato per migliorare le tue competenze e permetterti di realizzare gli obiettivi stabiliti. Nel corso della formazione si alterneranno differenti moduli che ti permetteranno di acquisire le conoscenze sulle differenti tematiche proposte. Inscriviti per poter accedere alle seguenti materie.

  • What is Collaboration and Deployment Services?
  • What can C & DS do for you?
  • Basic Logical Architecture
  • Deployment Manager
  • The Content Repository (and Context Explorer)
  • The Job Editor Tool
  • The Server Administration Tool
  • The Enterprise View Tool
  • The Model Management Dashboard
  • Real Time Scoring
  • Modeler Gold Overview
  • C&DS Role Within Modeler Gold
  • Interaction with Repository Objects
  • Key Terms
  • The File and Folder structure
  • Asset Security and Permissions
  • Modify Asset Permissions
  • Default Publishing Permissions
  • Upload Files
  • Download Files
  • Delete Files
  • Asset Properties
  • Property Scope
  • Object Properties: The General Tab
  • Object Versions
  • Access Different Versions
  • Description Labels
  • Add Labels to an Object Version
  • Custom Properties
  • Add Custom Properties
  • Search and Search Tools
  • Simple Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Search Results
  • Object Locking
  • Subscriptions and Notifications
  • Subscribe to an Asset using Deployment Manager
  • Subscribe to an Asset using the Deployment Portal
  • Create Content Notifications
  • Create Email Entries
  • Dynamic Assist Text
  • Introduction to SPSS Products (Modeler)
  • Connect to the Repository
  • Retrieve Assets
  • The Modeler Repository Explorer
  • Store Assets in the Repository
  • Store Assets from Modeler
  • Multiple Repositories
  • Overview: Export, Import, and Promotion (Migrated Job Components)
  • Export Guidelines (External References and Restrictions)
  • Export Folders
  • Import Guidelines (Restrictions, Security, and Recommended Order)
  • Import Folders
  • Resolve Import Conflict
  • Resolve Import Conflicts Globally
  • Advanced Operations on Locked Objects
  • Promotion: Why Promote?
  • Promotion Objects
  • Promotion Considerations
  • What is a Job?
  • Automation Defined
  • The Job Editor Tool
  • The Job Editor Interface
  • Build a Single Step Job
  • Multi-step Jobs
  • Job Step Relationships
  • Building Relationships
  • Delete and Modify Relationships
  • Job Step Types with Warnings
  • Building Conditional Relationships
  • Cancel Jobs
  • Build, Multi-step Jobs
  • Add Notifications to Jobs and Job Step
  • Build the E-mail Template
  • Customize the Notification Message
  • Content Assist
  • Specify Notification Recipients and Attachments
  • Run Time Parameters
  • Job Variables in Built-in Job Steps (Define and Use Variables)
  • Best Practice
  • Run Jobs with Parameters from Deployment Manager
  • Run Jobs with Parameters from Deployment Portal
  • Define a Job
  • Define Schedules
  • Create a New Schedule Definition
  • Creating Time-based Schedules
  • Recurrence for Time-based Schedules
  • Run Jobs on Intervals
  • Message-based Schedules
  • Create Message-based Schedules
  • Message Options and Domains
  • Automatically Map JMS Header Properties to Job Variables
  • View Job Schedules
  • Create Job Schedule Filters
  • The Job History View
  • Opening All Job History
  • Viewing Job-Specific History
  • Description of the Job History View
  • Viewing Job Information and Artifacts
  • Blank Cells in the Job History View
  • Working in the View
  • Filtering the Job History View
  • Job History in the Deployment Portal
  • The Analytic Data View
  • Introduction to the Analytic Data View
  • Create an ADV
  • Use ADV with Analytical Decision Management
  • Introduction to Real Time Scoring
  • Configure Real Time Scoring
  • Test Real Time Scoring
  • Explore Model Management
  • Perform Model Evaluation
  • Perform Model Refresh
  • Use Champion Challenger
  • Explore the Model Management Dashboard

Each participant will have a station set up with operating systems and software needed for the exercises.

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Please refer to the course overview for description information.

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