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Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Public Relations

European University
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Tipologia Laurea Triennale
Ore di lezione 1300h
Stage in azienda
  • Laurea Triennale
  • 1300h
  • Stage in azienda

The core of our instruction prepares students for entry into the business world, with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) title. Students choose one specified area to specialize.

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· A chi è diretto?

EU Students are a vibrant and motivated international community. Our students come from all over the world. International exchange leads to greater understanding and appreciation of other and prepares EU graduates for more effective interaction in the global marketplace.Despite all cultural and social differences, there is always one common denominator that bridges the gaps. Students all learn to speak the same international language: Business.

· Requisiti

Certificate from an accredited secondary school, High School degree, Baccalauréat, Maturité Fédérale, Deutsche Abitur or equivalent. Two reference letters. Fluency in English certified by a minimum TOEFL score of 213 (computer based), or English as a mother tongue.

Domande e risposte

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Cosa impari in questo corso?

Comunicazione esterna
Comunicazione interna
Relazioni istituzionali
Pianificazione mezzi
Comunicazione e marketing
Marketing e pubblicità
Comunicazione di impresa
Brand manager
Brand management
Comunicazione aziendale
Brand communication
Corporate identity


Year One:
Semester One:
  • Foundations of Business Management (3)
  • Writing Communication Skills (3)
  • Principles of Accounting (3)
  • Elementary Calculus (3)
  • Computer Literacy and Introduction to Internet (3)
  • Introduction to Marketing (3)
  • Micro Economics (3)
  • Introduction to Mass Communication (2)
  • Industrial Visits I (3)
Semester Two:
  • Oral Communication Skills (3)
  • Intermediate Accounting (3)
  • Elementary Statistics (3)
  • Macro Economics (3)
  • Commercial and European Laws (3)
  • Business Finance I (3)
  • Fundamentals of Public Relations (2)
  • Advertising and Media (2)
  • Industrial Visits II (3)
Year Two:
Semester Three:
  • Marketing Management (3)
  • Business Finance II (3)
  • Human Resources Management (3)
  • Production Management (3)
  • Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (3)
  • Introduction to Multimedia Management (2)
  • Management Information Systems (3)
  • Interpersonal Communication (2)
  • European Study Tour
Semester Four:
  • Financial Instruments and Markets(3)
  • Strategic Marketing (3)
  • Sales and Purchasing Management (3)
  • International Economics (3)
  • Consumer Behavior (3)
  • Public Relations Compaigns (2)
  • Negotiation and Lobbying (2)
  • Nonverbal Communication (2)
  • Innovative Communication Applications (2)
  • Public Relations Research (2)
Year Three:
Semester Five:
  • Cases in Marketing (3)
  • Financial Statement Analysis (3)
  • Cases in Finance (3)
  • Corporate Finance (3)
  • Technology, Productivity and Change Management (3)
  • International Public Relations (2)
  • Mass Media and Legislation (2)
  • Persuasion (2)
  • Elements of Electronic Media (2)
  • Intercultural Communication (2)
Semester Six:
  • Business Policy and Strategy (3)
  • Budgeting (3)
  • Global Marketing (3)
  • Global Business (3)
  • Public Relations Case Studies (2)
  • Global Communications (2)
  • Final Case in Finance
  • Final Case in Marketing

Ulteriori informazioni

The Programs are taught in English and/or Spanish and last three years. The courses are given during the day from Monday to Friday.


Our campus is located in the famous Bonanova area of Barcelona in a modern building, which offers the best study conditions for our students. Classes are always small and personal (average class size is between 20-25 students). Our faculty offers both strong academic credentials and real work experience, making the connection between the workplace and the classroom and providing our students with a truly global experience.

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Alumnos por clase
: 25

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