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The course foresees an introduction on ‘effective written communications' and guidance to manage intercultural contexts to avoid misunderstandings and confusion.
The course includes techniques to write in a basic, simple, clear and efficient manner using the more frequently used communication channels in the corporate world today: e-mails, proposals, letters used in most daily activities, … and how to design effective presentations.
The teaching approach foresees both theory and practice, including presenting.

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Via Cicerone 28, 00193, Roma, Italia
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Inizio Scegli data
Via Cicerone 28, 00193, Roma, Italia
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Domande più frequenti

· A chi è diretto?

Professionals that a) cover roles where writing in the English language is occasional and b) are generally unfamiliar with or new to business writing issues.

· Requisiti

All the participants should have the same level of knowledge of the English language or similar – at least pre-intermediate (B1-B2). All of them can work with PowerPoint.


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Day 1 – Business English Basics
Preliminary notions

  • Effects of language choices
  • active vs passive (personal vs impersonal)
  • actions vs nouns
  • politeness strategies
1. neutral and positive messages
  • planning a neutral or positive message;
  • responding to a neutral message;
  • composing goodwill messages
  • addressing customer comments online
2. persuasive messages
  • applying persuasion principles
  • writing a short persuasive message
  • writing a sales letter
  • writing and responding to negative customer and public feedback
3. messages
  • components of bad-news messages
  • composing bad-news replies
  • announcing bad news
  • giving and receiving constructive performance feedback
Day 2 – Effective written communications & presentations
Overview on effective written communications
  • characteristics
  • the writing process,
  • different writing styles,
  • tips & tricks
Handling intercultural exchanges
  • the fundamentals
  • the impact of language
  • intercultural competences
From writing… to designing effective presentations using PowerPoint
  • how to prepare, organize and create a presentation
From designing… to presenting
  • from slide reader to effective presenter

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