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Obiettivo del corso: The lack of cultural awareness preparation has many levels of impact - from an embarrassing moment to a breakdown in inter-company communication to a lost deal or accord. The price of inadequate cultural awareness is easily avoided by attending one of GLM’s culture training programmes.
Rivolto a: Whether you are moving overseas, doing business across borders or leading a global team, to be highly effective in today’s international arena you need a deeper cross-cultural understanding - what we at GLM call 'cultural intelligence' for Managers or who is working in international contexts.


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Inizio Luogo
presso ALEA Via Martucci 16 , 00198, Roma, Italia
Inizio Consultare
presso ALEA Via Martucci 16 , 00198, Roma, Italia

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Intermediate level


What is 'culture'? How do you tell other people about your national culture? How do you talk about the culture of the organisation where you work?
It is becoming increasingly recognised that intercultural communication skills are a vital component in successful international communication. These questions and other important cultural issues are raised in this course which aims to develop intercultural awareness and competence through many different activities.
As globalisation changes the way organisations operate and their employees communicate, it is becoming increasingly common for staff in one country to be regularly dealing with colleagues, clients or suppliers in another country, over the telephone, by email.
You’ll get In-depth information on Culture & Business Skills and Information for the world's leading business cultures.
A networking tool enables you and others in your organisation to share your own personal experiences of doing business in selected countries.
Cultural awareness training programmes will help you to:

  • Reduce the risk of conducting international business
  • Gain a greater understanding of how culture impacts on business communication
  • Make a success of your international assignment
  • Develop new skills and strategies to manage, motivate and lead multicultural teams
  • Become culturally competent in a complex international environment
The first course (30 hours) will start in 02/2009 for two hours/once a week in the evening in Via Martucci 16, 00198 Roma presso ALEA.
There will be “country specific courses” on request.

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