Degree in Audiovisual Communication

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
A Barcelona (Spagna)

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Tipologia Laurea a ciclo unico
Luogo Barcelona (Spagna)
Durata 4 Anni
Inizio Scegli data
  • Laurea a ciclo unico
  • Barcelona (Spagna)
  • Durata:
    4 Anni
  • Inizio:
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Every day we are bombarded with images, sounds and video. What do they mean? What should we make of it and how can we use audiovisual communication in a positive way to effect change? The Degree in Audiovisual Communication program from UIC is designed to prepare professionals to master the ability to manipulate audiovisual communication to meet their goals and needs. New communication and information technologies have had a global impact, and the demand for experts capable of making the most of new platforms and creating innovative content has spiked. We are now in a steadily progressing technological culture in which sound and image grow more relevant and useful every day. To keep up with the communication needs of society, adept and creative minds are needed which are able to adapt and thrive in a rapidly-changing industry. The education provided at the UIC emphasises flexibility and innovation. Students will learn how to generate, manage, and produce audiovisual content of the highest quality, without losing sight of professional ethics and social responsibility. The UIC also recognizes the international character of audiovisual communication and provides courses in English and workshops led by professionals from different countries around the world.


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Immaculada, 22, 08017, Barcelona, Spagna
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Inizio Scegli data
Immaculada, 22, 08017, Barcelona, Spagna
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Gabriel Cardenas Martínez
5.0 10/07/2017
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General English
Information Theory
Media Studio
Film Production
Public Relations
MassMedia Communication
Video and Audio Editing
Legal and Political Institutions
Post Production and Editing


Subjects in course 1
Type Term ECTS
General English FB Sem.1 6,0
Information Theory FB Sem.1 6,00
Written Communication and Information FB Sem.1 6,00
Language OB Sem.1 2,00
Media Studio OB Sem.1 1,00
Media and Film Production OB Sem.1 4,00
Radio OB Sem.1 4,00
Role Playing OB Sem.1 1,00
Academic English Skills OB Sem.2 6,00
Audiovisual System Structure FB Sem.2 6,00
Contemporary Universal History FB Sem.2 6,00
Sociology FB Sem.2 6,00
Advertising and Public Relations OB Sem.2 6,00

Subjects in course 2
Type Term ECTS
Audiovisual Narrative I FB Sem.1 6,00
MassMedia Communication FB Sem.1 6,00
Audiovisual Narrative II OB Sem.1 4,00
Graphics OB Sem.1 4,00
Video and Audio Editing OB Sem.1 4,00
Written English OB Sem.1 6,00
Anthropology FB Sem.2 6,00
Legal and Political Institutions FB Sem.2 6,00
Applied Music OB Sem.2 3,00
Audiovisual Creation Workshop OB Sem.2 6,00
Persuasive Communication OB Sem.2 4,00
Post Production and Editing OB Sem.2 4,00
Sound in Audiovisual Productions OB Sem.2 1,00

Subjects in course 3
Type Term ECTS
Economy OB Sem.1 3,00
History of Film and Television OB Sem.1 3,00
Design OB Sem.1 4,00
Effective Speaking Skills OB Sem.1 6,00
Sociology II OB Sem.1 4,00
Elective OP Sem.1 9,00
Audience Analysis OB Sem.2 3,00
Currents of Contemporary Thought OB Sem.2 4,00
Ethics OB Sem.2 4,00
Genres Communication Techniques OB Sem.2 4,00
Law OB Sem.2 3,00
Psychology OB Sem.2 4,00
Elective OP Sem.2 9,00

Subjects in course 4
Type Term ECTS
Audiovisual Distribution and Broadcasting OB Sem.1 4,00
Audiovisual Platforms OB Sem.1 3,00
Elective OP Sem.1 10,00
Esthetics OB Sem.1 3,00
Professional English for Audiovisual Communication I OB Sem.1 4,00
Final Degree Project TF Sem.1 6,00
Audiovisual Market OB Sem.2 3,00
Elective OP Sem.2 10,00
Professional English for Audiovisual Communication II OB Sem.2 4,00
Programming Strategies OB Sem.2 3,00
Internships in Companies PR Sem.2 10,00