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Obiettivo del corso: Module 1: Building the Relationship Four self-learning topics on Italian culture, which will answer questions such as "Why do they drive like that?", "How did cappuccino get its name?", "Are Italians really as we see them?" Module 2: Language Four self-learning topics on basic Italian language Module 3: Assessment: interactive quiz.
Rivolto a: Individuals or companies for international communication; Doing business with Italy; Everyone loving Italy and Italian culture.

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The online course of Business Culture, Language and Behaviour: your export communicator to promote trade, business opportunities and industrial co-operation with Italian companies

In the global economy, all sectors of UK industry and service provisions are now required to operate in multicultural environments, whether in dealing with clients or within their own workforces.

UK Companies are increasingly required to operate in a way which demonstrates sensitivity and competence in dealing with others from different cultural backgrounds. It is therefore vital to find the best strategy for overcoming language and cultural differences in relation to export business.

Destination Italy is a dynamic e-learning information resource to help mediate and facilitate the growth of exports to Italy by breaking down cultural barriers and by addressing and overcoming the challenges and impact of language and culture.
“In order to understand people and build solid international relationships we have to understand their way of life and approach. If you wish to convince them, you have to use their language and culture as far as you can. By language we do not mean the language in the narrow sense of the word, but language of the mind, their culture. Something that goes much further than that is not the appeal to logic and reason, but some kind of emotional awareness of other people.”

Our online modules will help you to communicate more effectively with your international contacts and tune in to their culture.
The biggest barriers to business interactions between people from different parts of the world are not only language, physical space or time-zone differences, but an attitude which is defined by their cultural background. Those values come from the countries in which we were raised, educated and in which we live. Corporate values generally reflect a combination of both national and personal values.

When stressed out, under pressure or very relaxed, we fall back on our original cultural values without even noticing. That's why it's essential to remember that we all come with a different cultural background, and the best way to ensure business success between people from different cultures is to be aware of cultural differences and similarities, and to turn them from weaknesses and threats to strengths and opportunities.

With our language and culture training, we aim to train business people to become familiar with other cultural etiquettes, to learn basic conversation in another language or to improve their existing knowledge and their interactions with people of different cultures. Whilst language is objective, culture is not. There is only one word to translate "table", but many ways to behave around a table for dinner!
Advice on international business, or export communication, is a consultancy known by many different terms, for example cultural consultancy, inter-cultural consultancy, cross-cultural training, international communication brief, to name but a few. In simple terms, it helps to be on the same wavelength as your interlocutor, and it is therefore associated with, but not limited to, language barriers.

The modules are also available on hard copy or disks.

To UK residents living in the North East of England (areas with postcode NE, SE, DL), we can offer 1:1 and on-site group training for individuals and SMEs.

Immerse yourself in the language and culture of Italy and follow the course at your own pace. Language and culture evolve with society. With our course, you will never be left behind!

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