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Obiettivo del corso: The idea of this course is to try to draw what we see and not what we believe that we should see. This means to open our eyes to drawing by using any means of line, colour or pattern to describe the objects and surfaces directly in front of us without any preconceived notions of what a drawing should be like.
Rivolto a: Anyone.


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Via Sant’Antonino 11, 50123, Firenze, Italia
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Via Sant’Antonino 11, 50123, Firenze, Italia
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Week 1
Session 1
Introduction to the life room
Materials list
The grading system
Keeping a sketchbook
Investigating marks, textures, fine line, heavy line, sensitive line, textures, etc.
Face to face drawing

Homework: one hour studies of friends at home in your sketchbooks, using a list of given words to express opposite meanings: Read about gesture drawings in The Natural Way to Draw, by Nicolaides, for the next class. The book is on the Reserve Shelf in the SACI Worthington Library.

Session 2
*Introduction to the model
Gesture drawings from the life model using charcoal or conte
Using the gesture as the base for our approach

Homework: one hour studies of gesture drawings in sketchbooks or in the Open Drawing class, Monday 8 to 10 pm
Week 2

Session 3
*Still working on gesture but introducing contour and measurements, the pencil for contour, charcoal for gesture

Session 4
Field trip to be decided on the day. The Accademia.

Week 3
Session 5
Still life drawing using proportions and negative space, drawing a still life using only negative space. How to use the viewfinder.

Session 6
*Using the same methods as in still life but with the life model

Week 4
Session 7
*Black and white tonal values from dark to light, not leaving the white of the paper. Black charcoal/eraser.

Session 8
*Drawings on black paper with white chalk.

Week 5
Session 9
*The Michelangelo style, trying to describe mass, volume and weight, using gesture, cross contours over the surface. Look at Michelangelo drawings.

Session 10
Field trip to the Piazza Signoria with sketchbooks, to correlate and draw the sculptures in the loggia, weather permitting.

Week 6
Session 11
The study of the head, classical proportions. Vitruvius, Leonardo da Vinci
Drawing each others heads and faces using actual measurements of heads

Session 12
*Portraiture, drawing the head from the life model, to produce a finished drawing

Week 7
Session 13
*Hands and feet, studies of hands and feet from the life model
Drawing our own hands and feet, actual measuring, ideal proportions of the human anatomy

Session 14
Group critique. Half term provisional grades based on attendance, effort and improvement will be given out by email

Midterm Break

Week 8
Session 15
Basic perspective drawing. One point and oblique perspective
Interior drawings in the life room
How to develop, objects in space using the foreground, middle ground, and background

Session 16
Field trip, perspective drawing of Santa Maria Novella, weather permitting,
Using our new found skills

Week 9
Session 17
*Foreshortening, how a knowledge of perspective can help resolve some of the problems when working on the figure

Session 18
*Large scale drawings, drawing with bamboo canes to keep distance and control of the drawing

Week 10
Session 19
*The use of colored wash, black and white wash

Session 20
*Large scale drawings using colored wash, bamboo canes with brushes attached

Week 11
Session 21
*Open drawing
Students are strongly advised to bring to all classes all those materials for which they have a particular interest

Session 22
*Open drawing
Week 12

Session 23
*Open drawing

Session 24
Final group critique

Week 13
Session 25
Exam week. Students meet for final critiques with portfolio, sketchbook and any extra work done outside of class

Session 26
Exam week. Students meet for final critiques with portfolio, sketchbook and any extra work done outside of class

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