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Effective Communication at Work

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Effective communication at work is the key to success. This preliminary workshop gives simple indications on how to better communication and be clearly understood, how to identify problem areas and give conflict resolution, recognize body language and display the correct signals. Participants will gain awareness of how good communications skills can facilitate communication and effective work relationships to improve productivity within the business and achieve its goals.

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Via Cicerone 28, 00193, Roma, Italia
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Inizio Scegli data
Via Cicerone 28, 00193, Roma, Italia
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· A chi è diretto?

To all those who want to make their interpersonal relationships positive, supportive, clear, and empowering whether the relationship is with their supervisor, manager, customer or coworker.

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Knowledge of the English Language at B1 Level.


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Body language


Different types of Communication: Where, When, How - Written / Telephone / Verbal Communication, Knowing your Audience, Creating contact, The image you present, First impressions Recognising Poor Communication Vs Good communication: Adapting the level of language to knowledge of listener, The use of Formal and Informal Language Providing information: The aim and objective, The right amount, Bringing non-verbal and verbal communication together, The use of voice Body Language and Non-verbal Communication: Bringing non-verbal and verbal communication together, Voice and attitude Appropriate attitude: Listening, understanding, asking questions and verifying accuracy, Creating contact, Listening actively, Interpreting, Sharing, Building Trust, Making a connections Keeping to the point: Monologue Vs Conversation, Soliciting opinions and responses Introduction to the four basic styles of communications: Passive, Aggressive, Passive-Aggressive, Assertive Practical Exercises and Role Play

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