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Effective Presentation Skills

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A presentation is a formal talk to one or more people that "presents" ideas or information in a clear, structured way. This introductory course on Presentation Skills provides the basic simple rules for preparing effective presentations. The workshop will provide a knowledge base for improving presentations and becoming more confident in front of an audience

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Via Cicerone 28, 00193, Roma, Italia
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Inizio Scegli data
Via Cicerone 28, 00193, Roma, Italia
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· A chi è diretto?

Business professionals, sales representatives, or others who desire to develop, improve and deliver effective presentations with confidence.

· Requisiti

Knowledge of the English Language at B1 Level.


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The Communication Process: The Presenter, The Presentation, The Audience Analyzing the Audience: Recognizing the type of audience the speech is for and the language that suits the audience better (formal/informal). Barriers to effective Presentations: Eliminating barriers Dealing with nervousness and anxiety: Personal Analysis and how to overcome the difficulties. Body Language and Non-verbal Communication: Recognizing and understanding the importance of body language and non-verbal communication to raise awareness and use it to your advantage. Voice and attitude: How voice, mood and attitude can affect the way people feel about your message; Speaking to different levels of understanding. Preparation: Identifying the purpose, Structure, Information Vs Data, The environment Persuasive Presentations: The 3 “P”s, The “WISE” method The use of media and tools: the rule of six and preparation, Timing and handouts Transitions: Handling questions, handling difficulties Role Play and summary

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