Elementary English Course

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Ore di lezione 14h
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Elementary English Course

14 hours Flexible Course . €210 complete course

or €20 per hour (individual lessons)

Elementary English training is perfect for anyone with a basic knowledge of spoken and written English. You can communicate in a very basic way, mainly using the in the present simple and past simple, and know simple and everyday phrases. The information below explains what you will learn in the Elementary Course.

Elementary - Unit 1 You learn to:

  1. •meet people

  2. •talk about your country with the verb to be

  3. •ask questions with the verb to be

  4. •talk about the people in your family

  5. •ask and tell the time

  6. •describe everyday activities with the present simple

  7. •ask questions with do

  8. •talk about things in your house with some, any and a

  9. •say where things are with in, on, under, next to, between...

  10. •describe jobs with the present simple

  11. •ask questions with does

  12. •use always, sometimes, usually, hardly ever and never

  13. •pronounce new sounds

  14. •improve intonation

Elementary - Unit 2 You learn to:

  1. •talk about ability with can

  2. •ask for directions

  3. •give directions with in front of, across from, on, next to and between

  4. •use the, a and an

  5. •talk about foods you like and dislike

  6. •use countable and uncountable nouns

  7. •use some, any, much, and many

  8. •talk about things in the kitchen

  9. •talk about sports and free time activities

  10. •talk about "now" with present continuous

  11. •describe people

  12. •talk about health

  13. •hear and pronounce weak vowel sounds and some consonant sounds

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