Energy demand & CO2 emissions forecasting

A Grenoble (Francia)

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Tipologia Seminario
Luogo Grenoble (Francia)
Durata 5 Giorni
  • Seminario
  • Grenoble (Francia)
  • Durata:
    5 Giorni

Obiettivo del corso: This training session is dedicated to long term energy demand forecasting models. It will provide methodologies and tools to understand and design econometric and end-use models.
Rivolto a: This dowstream economics training  is a practical course for the professionnals in charge of forecasting and planning studies in energy industries and administrations: economist, planification manager, analyst, engineer, researcher, project manager, coordinator, consultant….

Dove e quando
Inizio Luogo
30000, (Seleziona), Francia
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Inizio Consultare
30000, (Seleziona), Francia
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Session 1 introduction

End-use models
Introduction : modeling issues

Econometric modeling: case of POLES

-Prospective analysis of economic instruments

-Case studies

End-use models

- Example of the Med-Pro Model

- Accounting for regulatory measures, for technical progress…

- Case studies

Session 2 - Industry

- Historical trends and context of policies and measures

- Drivers of the industrial energy demand : growth, intensities, consumption by unit, market shares, energy efficiency- Case studies

- Impact of energy efficiency and CO2 mitigation policies- Case of emissions allowances: Aspen Model

Session 3 - Households

- Historical trends and context of policies and measures

- Drivers of the energy demand : demography, equipment, market shares, energy efficiency

- Heating, specific use of electricity

- Impact of rational energy efficiency and CO2 mitigation policies

Session 4 – Tertiary & transport

Tertiary Sector

- Historical trends

- Modeling of drivers : employment, equipment, market share, energy efficiency


- Modeling of drivers : fleet, traffic, unit consumption, modal spit

- Problems of regulatory instruments : case of cars

Session 5 Appropriate use of models

Building scenarios

-Why scenarios?

-How to build scenarios to evaluate policies?

From scenarios to decisions

- How to evaluate and interprete several forecasts for a unique decision?

Training evaluation

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