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IBM Cognos BI Administration (V10.2)

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This offering is intended for administrators with a knowledge of web application server architecture, security systems administration, and of their business requirements. They should also have experience using the Windows operating system and a web browser.
Target del corso
This intermediate course is intended for Administrators.

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Via Valtellina, 63, 20124, Milano, Italia
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Inizio Scegli data
Via Valtellina, 63, 20124, Milano, Italia
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Web master
<p class="ContenutiTitoli">Target del corso</p> <p class="Contenuti"> <p>This intermediate course is intended for Administrators.</p>


dettagliati del corso
Introduction to IBM Cognos BI Administration
Describe the role of the Administrator in relation to the IBM Cognos BI administration workflow process.
Describe the role of IBM Cognos Administration and IBM Cognos Configuration user interface components
Identify IBM Cognos BI Architecture
Identify features of the IBM Cognos BI architecture
Examine Cognos BI servlets and services
Identify an example of Cognos BI request processing
Performance planning and installation options and configurations
Examine the Cognos Application Firewall
Perform a distributed installation and configuration of IBM Cognos BI
Secure the IBM Cognos BI Environment
Identify the IBM Cognos BI security model
Define authentication and authorization in IBM Cognos BI.
Identify security policies
Secure administrative capabilities (access to functionality)
Specify security settings after installation.
Implement security in IBM Cognos Framework Manager and IBM Cognos Transformer
Administer the IBM Cognos BI Server Environment
Overview of administrative tasks that can be performed in IBM Cognos Administration
Monitor system metrics
Manage dispatchers and services
Tune server performance
Audit IBM Cognos BI
Identify issues while troubleshooting the server environment
Formulate the IBM Cognos BI backup strategy
Manage Run Activities
Manage current, past, and upcoming run activities
Manage schedules
Manage Content in IBM Cognos Administration
Add and manage a data source
Distribute data and create a distribution list and contacts
Deploy IBM Cognos BI content
Maintain the IBM Cognos BI content store
Customize the appearance of IBM Cognos BI
Drill-Through Definitions
Enable users to navigate to related data in IBM Cognos BI
Parameter-driven drill through vs. dynamic drill through
Steps to enable drill-through access for a package
Limit the items that users can drill through from (set scope)
Set a measure as the scope
Drill Through Assistant
Additional Configuration and Customization of the Environment
Manage user profiles
Add objects to the toolbox tab
Create a custom template option
Manage packages in IBM Cognos Connection
End-to-End Workshop
Create roles
Add members and define access permissions
Set capabilities
Create folders
Define access to entries
Create an export
Create an import
IBM Cognos Map Manager (Optional)
Overview of IBM Cognos BI (Optional)
IBM Cognos BI for Consumers (Optional)

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