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IBM Datacap 9.0 Configuration

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This course shows you how to configure two image Datacap system. All of the server components are configured to run on a Server image. All workstation components are configured to run on a Windows 7 workstation. You work initially with an IBM Datacap system on Windows 7 configured in the all-in-one configuration. This is with all Datacap software installed on one system. You then reconfigure to a two machine installation by including a Server 2008 DNS server with Active Directory and some of the Datacap server components. If you are enrolling in a Self Paced Virtual Classroom or Web Based Training course, before you enroll, please review the Self-Paced Virtual Classes and Web-Based Training Classes on our Terms and Conditions page, as well as the system requirements, to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for this course. Objective Configure Datacap Web Access Configure the Datacap Web Server and Web Client Configure Datacap Authentication modes Create a Datacap user and group for TMA authentication Configure domain users for LLLDAP authentication Generate and import domain user encryption key Configure Datacap Taskmaster Server Service to use a domain user for authentication Configure Datacap Server Manager to use LLLDAP Configure the Datacap Server Migrate the Datacap Taskmaster Server Service from the workstation to the server Configure sharing and permissions for domain user access Migrate applications to the server and configure folder permissions Verify the TMA and LLLDAP authentication for each domain account Configure the Datacap Web Server Import the encryption keys Set the Datacap Web Application Pool Identity Configure Internet Explorer for each remote user Configure and Start Rulerunner Verify RRS Folder Permission Configure Datacap Rulerunner service Configure Rulerunner to run your applications Process a batch using Datacap desktop for manual tasks and Rulerunner for background tasks . Configure the Web Client Upload Service...

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This intermediate course is for: Administrators who are responsible for configuring and administering Datacap 9.0 system. Anyone who needs to know the Datacap 9.0 system administration.

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Prerequisites: Familiarity with data capturing concepts IBM Datacap 9.0: Introduction (F220G)


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Configure a Single-Machine Configuration Prerequisite System Components Activities that you need to complete Configure a Single-Machine Export Encryption Keys Configure Datacap Server Service Configure Datacap Web Configure Internet Explorer Maintain Users and Groups, and Configure Security Datacap Web Client Add users, groups, and stations Set privileges and permissions Authentication and Encryption Five Authentication Systems Rules for External Authentication Systems Set Authentication System Authentication Path Templates Authentication for ADSI and LDAP Authentication for ADLDS and LLLDAP Encryption Considerations Encryption keys Update Procedure Multi-Machine Configuration Considerations Multi-Machine Architecture Configure Datacap Server Configure Datacap Web Server Configure a Developer Workstation Configure a Remote User Workstation Configure Rulerunner Rulerunner Service Authentication Rulerunner Service Share, Permissions, & Security Set DCOProcessor Permissions Configure the Task Profiles to Run in Rulerunner Configure Rulerunner to Run Tasks Configure Rulerunner to Run Your Application Configure Web Client Upload Service Three upload methods Editing the configuration file Installing the Web Client upload service Configuring applications to use the upload Uploading batches scanned with Datacap Web Uploading by connecting to the Datacap server Uploading completed offline batches with FastDoc Starting the Datacap Web Client upload service Configure Datacap Report Viewer Prerequisites for Report Viewer installation Set Datacap folder shared permission & security Add an application pool for Report Viewer ADSI or LDAP authentication with Report Viewer Create a Report Viewer Website Configure the location of the Datacap.xml file Configure the reports.xml file Configure Maintenance Manager Maintenance Manager Components Prerequisites for Maintenance Manager Installation Set Datacap Folder Shared Permission & Security Configure wTM Configure wTM Services Configure Datacap Navigator Install Datacap Navigator as a plug-in Default Datacap Navigator Desktops Configure Datacap repositories in IBM Navigator Customize the Datacap Navigator desktops Add Datacap repositories Add Browse and Search features Change the name and theme for Datacap Navigator Configure the Datacap Navigator for scanning Configure External Data Service (EDS) to customize the data field behaviors Configure access to IBM Datacap from mobile devices Datacap Navigator User Settings Global, Scan (General and layout subtabs) Upload, Classify and Verify tabs Job Monitor and Task List tabs Datacap Administrator View in Datacap Navigator Workflows Groups and Users Stations and Shortcuts Custom Panels (Verification, Batch Editor and Start Panels)

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