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IBM Integration Bus V10 System Administration

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This course is also available as classroom course IBM Integration Bus V10 System Administration (WM646G). This course gives administrators training on IBM Integration Bus system administration. It is also relevant for IBM Integration Bus developers who also work in an administrative capacity. In this course, you learn how to administer IBM Integration Bus on distributed operating systems, such as Windows and UNIX, by using the IBM Integration Bus administrative interfaces. These interfaces include the IBM Integration web user interface and the IBM Integration Bus commands. The course begins with an overview of IBM Integration Bus. Subsequent topics include initial product installation and maintenance, environment configuration, and basic administrative tasks such as backing up and recovering the environment. You learn about product requirements, securing access to IBM Integration Bus resources and message flows, problem determination and resolution, and performance monitoring and tuning. You also learn techniques for extending the capabilities of IBM Integration Bus. The course also covers the publish/subscribe model and reviews the Java Message Service (JMS) transport protocol and web services. In the course lab exercises, you gain hands-on experience with IBM Integration Bus administrative tasks such as managing IBM Integration Bus runtime components, monitoring message flow applications, and configuring security . For information about other related courses, visit the IBM Training website: Objective After completing this course, you should be able to: Install and configure an IBM Integration Bus instance Establish, maintain, and manage an integration node Administer IBM Integration Bus components and message flow applications by using the IBM Integration web user interface and command interface Configure connectivity to IBM MQ to enable IBM Integration Bus to get messages from, or put messages to, queues on a local or remote queue manager Implement IBM...

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This course is designed for IBM Integration Bus administrators and developers who administer IBM Integration Bus.

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Before taking this course, you should have hands-on experience with the Windows operating system, and be familiar with basic security practices and protocols such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Experience with IBM Integration Bus message flow development and IBM MQ system administration is helpful, but not required.


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Course introduction IBM Integration Bus overview Product installation, configuration, and security planning Exercise: Integration node setup and customization Connecting to IBM MQ Exercise: Connecting to IBM MQ Administration in the IBM Integration Toolkit Exercise: Using the IBM Integration Toolkit Administration basics Exercise: Administering the IBM Integration Bus runtime components Implementing IBM Integration Bus administration security Exercise: Using file-based security to control administration access Exercise: Using queue-based security to control administration access Implementing IBM Integration Bus message flow security Administering web services and web service security Exercise: Implementing web services and web services security Diagnosing problems Exercise: Using problem diagnosis tools Exercise: Identifying runtime problems Monitoring the integration node and message flow performance Publish/subscribe implementation overview Exercise: Viewing runtime statistics Configuring IBM Integration Bus for high availability Exercise: Administering workload management policies Monitoring, recording, and replaying message flow events Exercise: Recording and replaying message flow data Extending IBM Integration Bus Course summary

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