Intermediate English Course

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Tipologia Corso
Livello Livello intermedio
Metodologia Online
Ore di lezione 20h
  • Corso
  • Livello intermedio
  • Online
  • 20h


Intermediate English Course

20 hours Flexible Course . €300 complete course

or €20 per hour (individual lessons)

Intermediate lessons are for English learners who can use English in many social and business situations, but you make regular mistakes. You have the grammar and vocabulary to talk and read about many topics. You understand tone and are aware of your pronunciation. You have studied the most important tenses and can confidently make sentences and use the question forms in all of them. You are beginning understand modal verbs. Most English learners at this level will have studied English for at least 1-2 years previously.

The information below explains what you will learn in the Intermediate Course.

Intermediate - Unit 1 You learn to:

  1. •talk about permanent and temporary situations using present simple and continuous

  2. •use present continuous

  3. •talk about future arrangements

  4. •use new vocabulary to talk about government policies

  5. •review past simple and continuous

  6. •learn to describe people and things using ing/ed adjectives

  7. •learn to use articles a, an, and the

  8. •review this, that, these, those

  9. •learn about negative comparatives using isn't

  10. •talk about big and small differences using just a bit, slightly, much, and a lot

  11. •ask for, give, and receive directions politely

  12. •talk about your life using used to, still and not anymore

  13. •talk about quantity using a few, a lot of, much, many, a little, a bit of

  14. •pronounce difficult vowel and consonant sounds

  15. •stress words correctly

  16. •use intonation to sound polite

Intermediate - Unit 2 You learn to:

  1. •talk about your experiences using past simple and present perfect

  2. •use some new education vocabulary

  3. •talk about work using the present perfect continuous

  4. •talk about education and work using for, since and ago

  5. •describe experiences using when, as soon as, while, just as and until

  6. •describe the background to a scene or story using past continuous

  7. •talk about sequential events using past simple

  8. •use was / were going to to talk about something you intended to do, but didn't

  9. •talk about instant decisions using will

  10. •talk about future plans using going to

  11. •learn about negative prefixes

  12. •describe people and places using some new adjectives

  13. •learn about word families

  14. •pronounce difficult consonant and vowel sounds

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