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Obiettivo del corso: The Sorrento Lingue Italian Language on-line courses let students to communicate effectively in Italian, to confront the most important daily situations confidently, and to be able to interact with Italians and express one’s ideas.
Rivolto a: The Sorrento Lingue Italian Language on-line courses are designed for all students, professionals, and those interested in simply learning for pleasure to develop an integrated mastery of the language.

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For the italian language on-line you need a computer with internet access, a webcam (or just a microphone) and your passion for Italian language!!!


Sorrento Lingue has introduced a NEW e-learning programme on line as we understand that sometimes
you don't get the opportunity to use your Italian when you go back home and you may be feeling that your Italian is getting "rusty". So, SL has now introduced thisnew program giving you the opportunity to have Italian lessons on line ensuring that you always maintain your level of Italian when you
are not at Sorrento Lingue or when you haven't spoken it for a while.We can schedule Italian lessons on line every day - weekend included - at any time, wherever you live, according to your needs!Whatever your preference, you can do Italian grammar or simply conversation with
your teacher.Enjoy your Italian lessons - in real time - with Italian teachers living in Italy !!!

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