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Logging On to Windows 7 Exploring the Desktop Using the Start Menu Using the Windows Taskbar Exploring Control Panel Finding Information About Your Computer System Updating Windows System Files Ending a Computing Session

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Via Valtellina, 63, 20124, Milano, Italia
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Inizio Scegli data
Via Valtellina, 63, 20124, Milano, Italia
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Windows 7


Work in Control Panel to locate operating system information

Work with Windows Update

Explore your computer's shut-down options

After completing this module, students will be able to:

Log on and off Windows 7.

Use the Start menu and the Windows Taskbar.

Work with Control Panel.

Find information about your computer and update system files.

This module explains how to work with user accounts and set account permissions.

Understanding User Accounts and Permissions

Creating a User Account

Managing a User Account

Limiting Computer Access

Disabling or Deleting a User Account

Create a user account

Change various aspects of an account

Limit access to the computer, to games, and to programs

Delete a user account

After completing this module, students will be able to:

Understand User Account Control.

Create and manage user accounts.

Delete or disable user accounts.

This module explains how to create and manage networks and homegroups, and how to share files through a network.

Connecting to a Network

Creating a Homegroup

Working with a Homegroup

Sharing Files on Your Network

Managing a Network Connection

Display information about your network

Create a homegroup

Connect to an existing homegroup

Share a folder

Troubleshoot network issues

After completing this module, students will be able to:

Set up a network or homegroup.

Share files or other resources among computers through a homegroup or network.

Change your network connection type or troubleshoot connection issues.

This module explains how to work with windows, files, folders, and libraries, how to find computer information and your way around your computer, and how to connect to network resources.

Working with Windows

Understanding Files, Folders, and Libraries

Finding Your Way Around Your Computer

Connecting to Network Resources

Finding Specific Information

Manage windows

Explore the Windows 7 storage structure

Locate items on your computer

After completing this module, students will be able to:

Manage windows on your desktop.

Understand the Windows 7 file storage structure.

Use different methods to search for files.

This module explains how to view folders and files and work with their properties. It also explains how to create, rename, move, copy, and delete or recover folders and files.

Viewing Folders and Files in Different Ways

Working with Folder and File Properties

Creating and Renaming Folders and Files

Moving and Copying Folders and Files

Deleting and Recovering Folders and Files

Creating Shortcuts

View folder content in different ways

Change a file's properties and a folder's template

Create and rename a folder and files

Copy files and folders, and move files to different folders

Delete and restore folders and files

Display, arrange, and delete shortcuts

After completing this module, students will be able to:

View folders and files in different ways.

Associate properties with folders and files to make it easier to organize and find information.

Create, rename, move, copy, delete, and recover folders and files.

Create and arrange shortcuts on the desktop and in Windows Explorer.

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