Lower Business English

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Ore di lezione 25h
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Lower Business English

25 hours Flexible Course . €375 complete course

or €20 per hour (individual lessons)

Lower Business English lessons. This course is suitable for learners who have a strong knowledge of the English language - minimum of General English Intermediate level - and want to learn more sophisticated vocabulary and situational language for the business environment.

Lower Business - Unit 1 You learn to:

  1. •introduce yourself and others at work

  2. •say goodbye to colleagues

  3. •talk about different business departments

  4. •describe your job and responsibilities using the present simple

  5. •read and understand job advertisements

  6. •describe your skills using action verbs in the past simple

  7. •write a resume

  8. •leave and take messages politely

  9. •use telephoning vocabulary

  10. •ask for repetition, clarification and spelling on the telephone

  11. •learn some common job interview vocabulary, questions and answers

  12. •interview for a job

  13. •say and write numbers and prices

  14. •show understanding towards your customers and suppliers on the phone

  15. •ask for payment

  16. •practice common consonant sounds

  17. •use stress words correctly

  18. •use intonation to sound friendly

Lower Business - Unit 2 You learn to:

  1. •use new vocabulary to make and change business appointments

  2. •ask for, accept and reject meeting times

  3. •make formal and informal suggestions to co-workers and bosses

  4. •use tourism and hospitality vocabulary

  5. •use travel vocabulary from the US and UK

  6. •ask questions at the station, hotel and airport

  7. •compare products and services using comparatives and superlatives

  8. •talk about big and small differences

  9. •use new vocabulary when talking to people in HR

  10. •talk about your future career using 'will' and 'going to'

  11. •describe salespeople and their techniques

  12. •talk about marketing

  13. •identify a business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

  14. •write a business report

  15. •use intonation with questions and to sound polite

  16. •stress words in sentences

  17. •pronounce consonant sounds

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