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Management Accounting - Level 1

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Luogo London (Inghilterra)
Durata 4 Giorni
Inizio 10/12/2019
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Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand:
The difference between management accounting and financial accounting.
The difference between fixed and variable costs.
How to calculate variable and fixed costs using the high-low method.
How to use break-even analysis as a decision- making tool.
How to calculate and understand contribution, the break-even point, and margin of safety.
The limitations of break-even analysis.
Why overheads need to be included when costing products.
How to calculate a simple ‘blanket’ overhead rate.
How to apply absorption costing methods to fully cost out a range of products.
The limitations of traditional costing methods.
How to calculate a simply activity-based cost.
Why a business needs to prepare a budget.
The process of preparing a budget.
How to prepare a simple budget.
The problems of budgeting.
The purpose of simple variance analysis.
How various methods of costing can impact on pricing.
How to calculate prices using cost-plus, sales-margin, and discount methods.
How various pricing strategies can be used, including how target and life-cycle costing can affect product pricing.
How to calculate internal transfer prices in a variety of ways.

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Inizio Luogo
10 dic 2019
Seven Pancras Square 7 King’s Boulevard Kings Cross London N1C 4AG - City of London - (London), N1C 4AG, London, Inghilterra
Inizio 10 dic 2019
Seven Pancras Square 7 King’s Boulevard Kings Cross London N1C 4AG - City of London - (London), N1C 4AG, London, Inghilterra

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This cost and management accounting course is suitable for: those who wish to understand the implications of decisions made across a range of management accounting issues; those who wish to develop the ability to analyse, interpret, and question the accounting information they may encounter in a business context; those who wish to acquire a sound appreciation of accounting and finance in order to communicate and succeed in the business world; non-accounting staff who desire a practical introduction to the fundamentals of management accounting.

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Management Accounting
Cost accounting
Cost analysis
Safety management


Cost and Break-even Analysis
  • Fixed and variable costs
  • Contribution
  • Break-even analysis
  • The margin of safety
  • Interpreting break-even analysis
  • Assumptions underlying break-even analysis
Absorption and Activity-based Costing
  • Direct and indirect costs
  • Absorption costing
  • Calculating a blanket rate
  • Over and under recovery
  • Calculating a department rate to fully cost the product
  • Activity-based costing
  • The advantages of budgets
  • The process of budgeting
  • Preparation of a budget
  • Problems of budgeting
  • Budgets to monitor performance and flexible budgeting
  • Variance analysis
Pricing and Costs
  • Using cost information to price your product
  • Discounts and distribution margins
  • Choosing the appropriate costing method
  • Pricing and product strategy
  • Optimum pricing
  • Target costing
  • Life-cycle costing
  • Transfer pricing

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