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MOC 10953 HTML5 Programming

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This course is intended for experienced Web Developers who want to begin developing professional Web applications that take full advantage of HTML 5 in support of today.


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This course is intended for experienced Web Developers who want to begin developing professional Web applications that take full advantage of HTML 5 in support of today.


This course is intended for entry-level developers for HTML who have a basic but limited understanding of HTML and who are interested in learning core HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript programming skills that are required to successfully create applications for the upcoming Internet Explorer 10 browser and the next version of the Windows operating system.

Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Create and view a simple Web application using HTML within the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1 IDE
  • Explain the new semantic and structural elements that can be used to create HTML5 Webpages
  • Create Web forms that make use of validation capabilities using the new input types and attributes included in the HTML5 specifications
  • Create layouts and styles using advanced CSS and CSS3
  • Integrate graphics and multimedia into webpages using the Canvas, SVG, Video and Audio elements
  • Implement offline data scenarios using the new HTML5 Web Storage API
  • Use advanced HTML5 JavaScript APIs such as drag-and-drop, File API and Geolocation API
  • Create simple web applications using WebMatrix or ASP.NET MVC.

Before attending this course, students must:

  • Have three to six months of development experience in a professional environment
  • Be familiar with the HTML document structure and associated terminology, but are not expected to be expert and do not need to have experience with HTML5
  • Have one to three months experience with HTML and XML
  • Have a general familiarity with the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE

Module 1: Introduction to HTML5 Development

  • Overview of HTML
  • What's New in HTML5?
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Introduction to jQuery

Module 2: Creating Page Structure and Navigation

  • HTML5 Structural Elements
  • Navigation and Menus

Module 3: Creating Form Input and Validation

  • Working with Input Types
  • Using Form Attributes
  • Validation
  • Using Browser Detection, Feature Detection, and Modernize

Module 4: Laying Out and Styling Webpages

  • Creating Layouts
  • Advanced CSS by Using CSS3

Module 5: Getting Started with Graphics and Multimedia Elements

  • Canvas Basics
  • Video/Audio Formats and Codecs
  • Controlling Multimedia with JavaScript

Module 6: Creating Advanced Graphics

  • Drawing with SVG
  • Animation
  • Choosing Between SVG and Canvas

Module 7: Using Client-Side Storage

  • Web Storage vs. Cookies
  • Web Storage API

Module 8: Using Advanced HTML5 JavaScript APIs

  • Using the Drag-and-Drop API
  • File API
  • Geolocation API

Module 9: Using WebMatrix and Other Developer Tools

  • WebMatrix
  • ASP.NET MVC3 and Razor

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