Pre-Intermediate English Course

1to1 English

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Tipologia Corso
Livello Livello intermedio
Metodologia Online
Ore di lezione 15h
  • Corso
  • Livello intermedio
  • Online
  • 15h


Pre-Intermediate English Course

15 hours Flexible Course . €225 complete course

or €20 per hour (individual lessons)

Pre-intermediate classes are good for learners with a good basic ability, but who can improve a lot in all areas. You can use English to deal in basic everyday events in the present, past and future simple tenses, you can read simple texts, write informal letters & e-mails, and understanding of adjectives, adverbs, articles, possessives, and some prepositions. Most English learners at this level will have studied English for at least 1 year in the past.

The information below explains what you will learn in the Elementary Course.

Pre-Intermediate - Unit 1 You learn to:

  1. •talk about extended family with present simple

  2. •talk about people at work and friends with the present simple and continuous

  3. •use go and play to talk about sports

  4. •discuss free time activities with read, do, listen, go, play and watch

  5. •order food and take orders

  6. •talk about the past with past simple

  7. •ask questions with the past simple

  8. •use countable and uncountable nouns

  9. •talk about food with some, any, much, many, a lot of, a little and a few

  10. •talk about the past with used to

  11. •describe past actions with past continuous

  12. •use correct intonation with questions

  13. •pronounce weak vowel sounds

Pre-Intermediate - Unit 2 You learn to:

  1. •talk about future intentions with will and going to

  2. •speak on the telephone

  3. •describe people with what' / what does...look like

  4. •talk about body parts

  5. •compare things with comparatives -er, more and much

  6. •describe cities with superlatives -est and most

  7. •describe likes and dislikes with can't stand, hate, adore…

  8. •talk about sizes with too and not enough

  9. •use present continuous to talk about future arrangements

  10. •make suggestions with let's, shall, what about, and how about

  11. •contract sounds to sound more natural

  12. •improve intonation when complaining

  13. •improve pronunciation of vowel sounds

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