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Obiettivo del corso: Teaching English in Italy or abroad.
Rivolto a: Persons interested in the profession of English teacher.




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Via S. Egidio 12, 50122



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English Mother Tongue or minimum C1 level in English.

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Sheila Corwin

Sheila Corwin


Sheila Corwin holds a TESL certificate from the linguistics department at Sonoma State University and a MA degree in TESOL from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in the USA. After deciding to settle in Florence, Sheila served as the academic director and principal trainer for a teacher training and cultural center for two years. She currently continues her work in TESOL as an online instructor for the TESOL Core Certificate Program with the International TESOL Association. She also works as an online teacher trainer for students enrolled in an online TEFL certificate course based in London, England; and as a curriculum consultant and trainer for a teacher training organization in Mexico. Sheila has taught English language courses in Italy; at the university level in Oaxaca, Mexico; and in a private language school in her home state, California, USA. She has also taught Teacher Refresher Courses for English and other language teachers in Florence.


In just one weekend, you'll learn how to prepare lessons, create interactive and engaging activities, manage your classroom, and develop tasks based on your students' proficiency levels. You'll also learn more about the teaching of English grammar tenses and gain an understanding of what life in the classroom is really like for language learners.

If you are considering teaching English or you'd like to pursue professional development and improve your existing skills in language teaching, the 20 hour Weekend TEFL in Florence is the best place to start!

10 reasons to sign up for the Weekend TEFL in Florence course:
• Earn a TEFL certificate (20 hours)
• Learn more about language teaching
• Engage in teaching practice with peers
• Improve language teaching skills
• Gain access to materials and resources
• Meet highly qualified and experienced trainers
• Receive valuable advice on teaching in Italy and abroad
• Pay an affordable price for great training
• No prior teaching qualifications necessary
• Convenient downtown Florence location

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151-300 €

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