TK222G IBM Security zSecure UNIX System Services (USS) Security Overview

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This course describes the security-related aspects of a z/OS UNIX System Services (USS) environment. Learn USS concepts, followed by an overview of the USS-related functions and applications of the IBM Security zSecure Admin and Audit products. Using the zSecure built-in reports and standard interface, you learn how to obtain USS-related information from RACF profiles and review the contents of the USS reports. Audit recommendations and the RACF concerns that are applicable to a z/OS USS environment are described. In addition, you learn about the USS-related resource profiles in the FACILITY and UNIXPRIV classes.


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Via Cassanese, 224, Palazzo Mantegna, Scala A, 20090, Milano, Italia
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Via Cassanese, 224, Palazzo Mantegna, Scala A, 20090, Milano, Italia
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  • Explain z/OS USS identification and authentication
  • Use the hierarchical file system (HFS) and z/OS file system (zFS)
  • Secure USS daemons and servers
  • List the fields in the file security packet (FSP)
  • Interpret and modify file access rights and extended attributes
  • Secure USS files with extended access control lists (ACLs)
  • Generate extended program attributes reports
  • Explain HFS and zFS auditing concepts
  • Use the USS-related RACF profiles
  • Avoid common HFS and zFS auditing RACF pitfalls
  • Generate reports about trust reasons in USS
  • Audit daemons and servers
  • Generate reports about USS-related SMF records

Each participant will have a station set up with operating systems and software needed for the exercises.

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