TP303G IBM Cloud Orchestrator 2.4 Administration and Operations

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A continuazione troverai il programma di questo corso disegnato per migliorare le tue competenze e permetterti di realizzare gli obiettivi stabiliti.
Learn how to administer and use the major functions of IBM Cloud Orchestrator. The primary focus is on using the product-provided features to get the most value from your investment. You learn how to install IBM Cloud Orchestrator and perform common administrative tasks like restarting the software stack, creating users and groups, and registering new images into the cloud environment. You create virtual system patterns to model groups of virtual systems so that they can be deployed as a single entity. You also explore self-service offerings and orchestration with Business Process Manager.

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Via Cassanese, 224, Palazzo Mantegna, Scala A, 20090, Milano, Italia
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Via Cassanese, 224, Palazzo Mantegna, Scala A, 20090, Milano, Italia
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  • Introduction to IBM Cloud Orchestrator
  • Key features in IBM Cloud Orchestrator
  • Positioning IBM Cloud Orchestrator
  • OpenStack Icehouse overview
  • IBM Cloud Orchestrator architecture
  • Deployment service overview
  • Installation
  • Deployment templates
  • Verification and troubleshooting
  • High availability considerations
  • Classroom environment
  • Operating the IBM Cloud Orchestrator environment
  • Using the IBM Cloud Orchestrator interfaces
  • Customizing the user interfaces
  • Public Cloud Gateway
  • Security model and terminology
  • Regions, availability zones, and quotas
  • Network considerations
  • OpenStack Glance image service architecture
  • Image service configuration
  • IBM Cloud Orchestrator image management
  • Images and patterns
  • Virtual system classic pattern
  • Virtual application pattern
  • Virtual system pattern
  • Heat overview and components
  • Troubleshooting
  • Managing the deployed environment
  • Display instance and virtual machine details
  • Managing pattern instances and virtual machines
  • Modify virtual machine settings
  • Virtual machine disk management
  • On-board existing virtual machines
  • Virtual machine snapshots
  • Orchestration overview
  • IBM Business Process Manager overview
  • IBM Process Designer
  • Business Process Manager artifacts
  • Managing self-service categories and offerings
  • Toolkits
  • Orchestration actions
  • Introduction to modifying an offering
  • Managing the process application lifecycle
  • LDAP authentication options for IBM Cloud Orchestrator
  • Configuring LDAP integration
  • LDAP integration content pack
  • IBM Cloud marketplace
  • Obtaining material from the IBM Cloud marketplace
  • Using IBM Cloud marketplace assets in IBM Cloud Orchestrator

Each participant will have a station set up with operating systems and software needed for the exercises.

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