Upper Intermediate English Course

1to1 English

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Tipologia Corso
Livello Livello intermedio
Metodologia Online
Ore di lezione 25h
  • Corso
  • Livello intermedio
  • Online
  • 25h


Upper Intermediate English Course

25 hours Flexible Course . €375 complete course

or €20 per hour (individual lessons)

Upper-Intermediate English lessons for students who are effective, but not fluent, in the English language. You are confident in most business and social situations, and have a strong knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. You are beginning to understand phrasal verbs and slang. Most English learners at this level will have studied English for at least 2+ years in the past.

The information below explains what you will learn in the Upper-Intermediate course.

Upper-Intermediate - Unit 1 You learn to:

  1. •ask for, give and refuse permission formally and informally

  2. •use linking phrases to talk about reasons and purpose

  3. •start, maintain and end conversations

  4. •correctly use adjectives that take '-ed' and '-ing' endings

  5. •review and ask subject / object questions

  6. •use common idioms, slang and phrasal verbs

  7. •ask questions using question tags with correct intonation

  8. •review the uses of present simple and continuous

  9. •use the present continuous to complain

  10. •describe habits using 'tend to', 'keep', 'will' and 'always + present continuous'

  11. •talk about thoughts, opinions, emotions, senses and possessions using state verbs

  12. •use the past perfect continuous to emphasize duration and describe repeated past actions with past results

  13. •use the sequencers 'first', 'next', 'then', 'after that', and 'finally' to describe steps

  14. •use defining and non-defining relative clauses correctly

  15. •describe past habits using 'used to' and 'would always'

  16. •talk about changing situations using 'get / be used to'

Upper-Intermediate - Unit 2 You learn to:

  1. •use common slang and phrasal verbs

  2. •talk about activities, results, and the duration of actions using the present perfect simple and continuous

  3. •express needs, reasons and results

  4. •use 'do' and 'make'

  5. •make comparisons using 'as' and 'the'

  6. •emphasize what you say with 'so' and 'such'

  7. •talk about quantities and amounts

  8. •use 'enough' and 'too' correctly

  9. •express obligation and necessity

  10. •agree and disagree politely

  11. •contrast ideas with linking words

  12. •talk about the future using all the future tenses and 'about to'

  13. •listen to telephone conversations and take messages

  14. •use polite telephone language and intonation

  15. •use suffixes to change verbs and adjectives into nouns

  16. •pronounce weak forms

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