VMware vSphere: Manage for Performance

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Obiettivi At the end of the course, you should be able to: Explain the performance impact of using different monitor modes Use vSphere tools to monitor the performance of ESX/ESXi hosts Diagnose performance problems relating to CPU, memory, network, and storage on an ESX/ESXi host Discuss how to achieve an optimal virtual machine configuration Discuss guidelines for monitoring application performance


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Via Valtellina, 63, 20124, Milano, Italia
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Via Valtellina, 63, 20124, Milano, Italia
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· Requisiti


This is an advanced course. Required prerequisites include the completion of one of the following:

  • VMware vSphere 4: Install, Configure, Manage
  • VMware vSphere: Fast Track
  • VMware vSphere 4: What’s New
  • Equivalent knowledge and administration experience with ESX/ESXi and vCenter Server

Experience with working at the command prompt is highly recommended.

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Target del corso

System administrators, systems engineers, and consultants responsible for managing the performance of a vSphere installation


Contenuti del corso

This hands-on training course explores the management of performance in a VMware vSphere™ environment. It provides the knowledge and skills necessary to make fundamental design decisions that enhance performance and to meet performance goals in an already-deployed vSphere installation. The course is based on VMware® ESX™ 4.0, ESXi 4.0, and vCenter™ Server 4.0.

Module 1: Course Introduction

Module 2: Performance in a Virtualized Environment

  • Discuss the vSphere performance troubleshooting methodology
  • Discuss software and hardware virtualization techniques and their impact on performance
  • Monitor performance using vCenter Server performance charts and the ESX/ESXi resxtop command

Module 3: CPU Performance

  • Discuss the CPU scheduler and other features that have an impact on CPU performance
  • Monitor key CPU performance metrics
  • Troubleshoot common CPU performance problems

Module 4: Memory Performance

  • Discuss memory reclamation techniques and memory overcommitment
  • Monitor key memory performance metrics
  • Troubleshoot common memory performance problems

Module 5: Guidelines for DRS and Resource Controls

  • Discuss performance guidelines for DRS clusters, resource pools, and resource allocation settings

Module 6: Network Performance

  • Discuss the performance features of modern network adapters
  • Monitor key network performance metrics
  • Troubleshoot common network performance problems

Module 7: Storage Performance

  • Discuss how storage protocols, VMware vStorage VMFS configuration, load balancing, and queuing affect performance
  • Monitor key storage performance metrics
  • Troubleshoot common storage performance problems

Module 8: Virtual Machine Performance

  • Discuss guidelines for configuring a virtual machine for optimal performance

Module 9: Application Performance

  • Discuss tools and guidelines for application performance

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